Year 2 – Blogiversary


My wonderful friends! We have been on this literary adventure for two years! Isn’t it amazing, while being a bit scary, how fast time flies? I’m still astounded at the support my blog has garnered with just over 2,600 followers. Thank you to each and every one of you who I’ve had the privilege of interacting with over the past 24 months.  To celebrate, I though it might be fun, keeping to the spirit of my analytical chemist background, to look at a variety of my blog statistics with regard to Fiction vs. Nonfiction, Subject Matter, Pages Read, Words Read, and Medium.

General Stats


How fun are these statistics! I can’t believe I’ve read 166 books in two years, equating to almost 25 million words! Of note, I read 12 less books in year two, however read over half million words more in comparison during the same time frame.  This deficit likely finds root in my blogging goal for year two, which was to reread A Song of Ice and Fire series, which I successfully completed a few months ago, i.e., GOT, ACOK, ASOS, AFFC, ADWD.  As for year three, I’m not sure yet what my blogging goal should be. Any suggestions?

Fiction vs. Nonfiction

Interestingly, I’m holding steady at 80% fiction, which I would have thought would be a bit more even.  Since picking up audiobooks, I would have expected my quantity of nonfiction to significantly increase.


Subject Matter

It should be no surprise that the vast majority of my reviews are book reviews, however I’ve very much enjoyed expanding to other subjects that occupy my interests, such as travel, DIY, and beekeeping.  I’m excited to see how these statistics change with year three.



I’ve really liked analyzing the breakdown regarding the mediums I utilized to consume literature over the past couple of years.  I’m by no means surprised that Kindle books, at approximately 50%, were by far my medium of choice.  While I prefer physical books, the ebook and audiobook availability and ease at my local library makes the Kindle a convenient tool based on my busy lifestyle. Year two has seen a significant surge in audiobooks, to the point of eclipsing Kindle books.  Adding to this increase has been my discovery of the 1.5x speed function in my listening app. Plus I now listen to audiobooks when I drive, exercise, mow the yard, or do housework, instead of mindlessly listening to music as was my previous practice.


Advanced Review Copies

One of the most exciting developments with my blog growing has been my ability to petition publishers for review copies prior to their respective release date.  Every time I’ve received a physical copy of one of the books I’ve requested, you can just picture the ecstatic happy dance that ensued.  In the photo below you can see a few of the ARC copies that I’ve received, with my favorites being the Fate of the Tearling (Queen of the Tearling #3) and Waking Gods (The Themis Files #2).  I’ve also received a few highly anticipated Kindle ARC copies, one of which I’m flying through and loving right now, The Dinosaur Princess (Dinosaur Lords #3). Stay tuned for a review! I’m excited to see what ARCs I might have the opportunity to read in year three!



  1. Happy 2 year blogaversary. ❤ WOOT WOOT for science girls (bio and chem girl here). I totally fangirled over your charts. 🙂

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  2. I absolutely love this so much!! First off, Happy Blogiversary!! Secondly these visuals are so amazing. I love keeping track of my reading and different info but I’ve yet to put it all together. Did you use something special to track it all and put it together? I’d love to learn more or your method!

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    • Tay! Thank you! I’ve been recording the books and any stats I want to keep track of like word count and page number in a google document, similar to an excel file. That way it was relatively simple to make the graphs. However, don’t let yourself fall behind. Catching up is the worst! Message me if you want to learn more!

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  3. What a cool accomplishment! Well don. Also, I finally read “The Summer That Melted Everything.” Thanks for the recommendation. Unfortunately, not a book I was crazy about, but I like trying things out of my normal pattern.

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  4. Wow, 2 years! I love how you kept track of your stats but there is no way I’m going back and figuring that out for myself. I think Goodreads will give you #books and maybe words for calendar year. You can make editions on there too, so I’m sure other stats should be available at some point.

    Do you have a favorite book for each year?

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