Looking up from my books for a European Adventure!

My reading/posting rate has dwindled to a mere book or so a week as our honeyversary (honeymoon on our one year anniversary) approaches! Instead of reading my typical material I immersed myself into reading about our big trip! As I type this we are waiting in the airport for our first flight of the day. During the whirlwind that constituted wedding planning we decided to postpone our honeymoon till our one year anniversary. With the cost assosciated with anything wedding related it made more sense for us to not spend additionally on an elaborate trip immediately following our fabulous, yet cost conscious wedding.

So after the dust from the wedding settled we decided after much debate on an adventure to Prague, Vienna, Bratislavia, and Budapest. True to my analytical mind, I obsessed regarding all of the details, ALL of them! While there are hundreds of blogs and forums accessible for travelers, it is not the same as being able to hold a book, containing all of the places you are eagerly planning to visit. I’d heard that Lonely Planet books far out rate those by Rick Steves’, however I beg to differ! The narrative of Lonely Planet’s seemed impersonal to me, as a first time international flyer. Rick Steves’, on the other hand, was the equivalent of coddling, and having my hand held with minute details I would have otherwise overlooked. With that being said, time to board the flight! Luke, forever humoring me, has graciously agreed to tour the following beautiful libraries while abroad!  He will never be able to escape books! 

Czech National Library:

Strahov Monestary Library: 

Austrian National Library: 

Melk Abbey Library: 

Wish us luck on our grand adventure! 

Sarah & Luke 


  1. I got so sick of touring churches when I was in Prague and Vienna… but LIBRARIES! What a fantastic idea. I know you will have a fantastic time! Lovely wedding pictures too by the way.

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  2. Thanks Julia! We had such an amazing trip and are already thinking about our next adventure. If you get the chance, the libraries are absolutely stunning, especially the Austrian National Library.


    • Oh that’s a great idea. When planning my trip I found many, many lists highlighting the top libraries in the world, however to find per city I would have to specifically Google. All of the libraries we went to looked like they were out of a storybook. Absolutely beautiful. Unfortunately, most didn’t allow photos.

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      • I’ve seen a few of those pics before as stock pics, but this is expected when they are known cultural places. Unfortunately, war destroyed many of the libraries. In America, I like going to Bauman’s rare Books in Las Vegas (Venetian Hotel). More Americana type books, but all are rare and hard to see in person in any one place.

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      • I’ve been to Vegas a few times and I didn’t know Bauman’s is there! I’ll need to make sure I stop by there next time. I can imagine how entertaining it would be to see so many rare books in one place! Thanks for the heads up.

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