The Hesburgh Library at the University of Notre Dame

This past Thursday I had the honor of guest lecturing at the University of Notre Dame for a good friend.  After babbling on extensively about 3D printing, I decided to explore Notre Dame’s Hesburgh Library, which offered beautiful views of campus as seen above.  While I had visited the campus a few years ago for a conference, I hadn’t realized that Touchdown Jesus occupied the outside of the library. I was able to explore thirteen floors all filled with books, of which only the tenth floor had recently been renovated. With that being said, I have to say I preferred the stark, metal shelving inhabiting the remainder of the floors, as you’ll observe in the photos below in contrast to the new library feel of the tenth floor.  I hope you’ll enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed exploring!



  1. Yeah! I too recently explored a library. (My local one) but I think everyone needs a reminder of what’s right next door. Or in your case in another town, but we do get to see some beautiful photos and remind ourselves why libraries are fabulous! I enjoyed your post, thanks!

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    • Thanks Deborah! I was just mentioning to my husband that I make such a big deal about other libraries but I haven’t even wandered over to MSU’s library despite walking by every day. I need to make local adventures!

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    • I would love to see that exhibit! Have you read any of the articles touting 3D printing as the 3rd Industrial Revolution? I’m a big fan with how the technology has significantly changed the microfluidic lab I got my PhD in.


      • Agreed, libraries are the best. I have always been partial to university libraries. I love the sense of history, and passion. The almost residue of the blood, sweat and tears that have come through. OF the libraries I have visited I think the Suzzallo at the University of Washington is the most beautiful. But I think the Bodlian Library at Oxford is the one I would most like to visit. However, thanks to you, I am definitely adding the Hesburgh Library to my ever growing list of places i need to visit. So Thank You for that. 🙂

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      • Those both sound like wonderful libraries! We went to a bunch of libraries when we had our honeyversary in Prague, Vienna, and Budapest. The National Austrian Library in Vienna was amazing!

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      • I love the idea of a honeyversary.

        We honeymooned in Egypt, but the Library in Alexandria was closed during our visit, and now it sounds as if it may be harder than ever to plan a trip there. Hopefully I will get to see it in this lifetime.
        Maybe even on a honeybersary. 🙂

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      • Oh how disappointing the Library of Alexandria was closed! I hopefully the unrest settles. I’ve always wanted to see the pyramids and visit Egypt. I hope you get to visit that famous library too! 🙂

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