Big Bad Bubble by Adam Rubin and Daniel Salmieri

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To Read or Not to Read: READ!

Overview: To celebrate my beautiful little niece’s first birthday over the weekend, Luke and I bought her several books by the author/illustrator of Dragons Love Tacos, which is her current favorite book. As a result, there will be a scattering of children’s book reviews coming up over the next week. Of the five or so titles that we bought her, my personal favorite was the Big Bad Bubble. In this whimsical tale, once bubbles are popped in our world they reappear in a world full of monsters, however these inhabitants are irrevocably terrified of these harmless fragile spheres. Feeding the fear is another monster, Mogo, who spreads frightful lies about the dangers of the translucent orbs, thereby working his fellow monsters into a horrified frenzy. The Narrator comes to the rescue by encouraging these monsters to face their fears and ultimately to pop their floating foes. I literally laughed out loud when one of the monsters faces an extra large, particularly menacing bubble, whereupon his fellow comrades pronounce him a goner. Once the bubble fear is conquered, just wait till you see the next fluttering delicate insect that now occupies the absolute terror of the monsters. Overall, Big Bad Bubble was a fun and entertaining read! Parker was so tuckered out after her birthday party that she got two pages in before she promptly fell asleep, so the jury is still out on her opinion, although this one gets two thumbs up from me!


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