An In-Depth Analysis of The World of Ice and Fire (Part 2 of 4) by George R. R. Martin, Elio M. Garcia, Jr., and Linda Antonsson


Part 2 of my assessment of The World of Ice and Fire involves a closer look at the history of the Seven Kingdoms.  As I mentioned in Part 1, the format of this blog differs from that of my previous posts. Mainly, I’ve decided to compile a list of observations, questions, and discussions regarding the history of Westeros. Due to the complexity and detail of George R. R. Martin’s writing style I’ve decided to break my assessment of The World of Ice and Fire into various parts.  Part 1 comprises Ancient History to the conclusion of Robert’s Rebellion. Of note, there are many, many SPOILERS throughout the following text, alongside several of my own theories.  I’ve highlighted in RED several of my theories, as well as interesting insights garnered from the novel.  Please let me know what you think! I’m early looking forward to hearing your theories, however you’d better be able to back them up with references to the text.

The Seven Kingdoms

The North

  • When reading about the Skagosi people of the Skago Island I had an overwhelming wish for Martin to introduce these rough, potentially cannibalistic denizens to the world of Westeros. Plus, they ride unicorns! What fantasy series is not complete without unicorns? Lucky for us, after stewing on the Skagosi and some fact checking, long lost Rickon Stark is rumored to be on the Skagos Island! When Ser Davos attempts a rescue in the upcoming books we will be sure to find the Skagosi world intriguing.
  • Salladhor Saan’s fleet was also rumored to have crashed on the Skago shoreline. The Skagosi have been known to intentionally flounder ships. I wonder if Davos will encounter Salladhor and the fate of Salladhor’s ships when he arrives in Skagos?
  • I have a feeling the Crannogmen of the Neck will yield a few more mysteries before the series is complete. Their slender build is referenced over and over and over again. Could they potentially be of the Children of the Forest blood? Would that explain Jojen’s visions which are similar to those of a Greenseer?
  • I might have to amend my theory that Dragonstone will see the birth of yet another dragon. Vermax was rumored to have ‘left a clutch of eggs somewhere in the depths of Winterfell’s crypts. What if the North also sees the birth of a dragon? Here’s my prediction: One of Daenerys’ dragons will die just as it’s realized that the dragons are needed in the fight with the Others. However, all is not lost because there will be additional dragon births in Dragonstone and Winterfell. Admittedly, a flaw of my idea is that the dragons born will not be big enough to fly. Maybe Bran, Rickon and other Wargs will command the ones too small to ride.

The Night’s Watch

  • My curiosity regarding the construction of the Wall was not sated with the explanations in The World of Ice and Fire. Supposedly the wall was constructed by Bran the Builder with rumored assistance from Giants and the Children of the Forest. The construction was started after the Long Night, therefore motivation was arrested around keeping the Others north of the wall.
  • The Nightfort is the oldest of the Night’s Watch Castles and has been abandoned for over 200 years. This site is where Bran and his group, as well as Samwell Tarly and Gilly both passed under the Wall through the caverns obtained by Gendle and Gorne from the Giants and Children.
  • Who was the Night King and did he really exist?  Where did his ‘corpse queen’ come from?
  • The Night’s Watch mainly obtain their food as gifts from the Northern Lords. Due to the Starks being deposed, how will the Night’s Watch feed themselves with Winter looming?

The Vale

  • The Mountains of the Moon clan, the Burning Men was introduced in the books when Tyrion was captured and they subsequently allied with Lannisters. This offshoot of the Painted Dogs, the Burning Men have their rumored origin by worshiping a Fire Witch and her Dragon, after the Dance with Dragons. This mysterious Fire Witch has to be the baseborn girl, Nettles who tamed Sheepstealer and disappeared at the end of the Dance with Dragons. P.S. When is Timett going to make another appearance in the books?

Iron Islands

  • The Ironborn are a people of unique, mysterious origins and beliefs. With all of the Gods in Westros, including the Drowned God of the Ironborn, growing more powerful, I believe we’re going to find out more about the origins and legends behind these sea faring folks. Supposedly, the Ironborn can trace their origins to a Grey King who ruled for a thousand years. Interesting, only two families, Old Wick and Great Wick, claim to have originated from the Grey King’s brother.
  • The Drowned God’s arch nemesis is the less acknowledged the Storm God. There is another Storm God briefly mentioned in a Storm’s End legend? Are they one and the same God?
  • Legend says the Grey King killed they greatest sea dragon and built a palace from its bones. Do sea dragons really exist? How about Mermaids? The Grey King was said to have been married to a mermaid to allow his children to live above or below the sea.
  • I find House Farwynds of the Lonely Light as fascinating as the Skagosi and am hoping that they will make additional appearances in the books! They were present at the kingsmoot and put forth his name, however he was rejected. The Farwynd’s inhabit the furthest west island known and are rumored skinchangers. The Farwynd’s were also said to mate with seals to create half human children.
  • Galon Whitestaff, a Drowned God priest, called the first kingsmoot where any captain can put his name forward to become the King. Galon singlehandedly united the Ironborn under the name of the Drowned God along with decreeing that the Ironborn could not war or reave amongst each other. Kingsmoots eventually fell out of favor until the death of Balon Greyjoy. Aeron Greyjoy declared the first kingsmoot in a millennium or two in A Feast for Crows.
  • What was Galon’s staff made of? Wierwood or the bones of the sea dragon?The Westlands
  • Was Lann the Clever really a son to Garth Greenhand and how did he trick the Casterlys out of their home and subsequent riches?
  • We know how the Lannisters obtained their current Valerian steel swords, however they did own one years and years ago, Brightroar. The sword was lost when Tommen II disappeared while trying to raid Valyria. What happened to the sword and the missing army?
  • Lord Tywin’s ruthlessness was highlighted with his treatment of the defiant houses, especially the Reynes of Castamere. When three hundred of the rebellious host barricaded themselves in the vast mine shafts, which comprise the majority of their household, Tywin buried them alive and diverted the stream which supplied the household. What horrors would be found upon reopening the shafts?

The Reach

  • Who was Garth Greenhand? Was he a god? Did he father Bran the Builder, Lann the Clever, and other Heroes? Was he actually a darker entity, which required blood sacrifices? Other than Bran the Builder, I find Garth to be the most intriguing of the individuals comprising the Age of Heroes and would like to know more!
  • The origin of Old Town’s Battle Island and Hightower are shrouded in mystery. The island has always been called Battle Island, but what battle took place there and between whom? Also, the foundation of the Hightower is ancient and of mysterious design. While the structure is similar to Valyrian design it lacks the style detail known of the Valyrians. Other potential builders credited are the mazemakers and the Deep Ones (creators of the Seachair in the Iron Islands). The mazemakers were an ancient race, which constructed massive mazes on the islands of Lorath and in Essos. The mazemakers, a potential breed of human/giants, were said to have been destroyed by Selkies, Walrus men and merlings.


  • How did the Arm of Dorne break? Was it a natural event or a consequence of magical proportions originated from the Children of the Forest?
  • How and who make the Sword of the Morning? While it appeared similar to Valyrian steel, it differs in appearance, whereupon it assumes a pale, milkglass shade.
  • Did Queen Rhaenys survive her dragon at Hellholt?
  • What did Prince Nymor’s letter, to Aegon the Conquer say? The letter had an immediate impact on the King and caused him to agree to the Dorne ceasefire peace? What could have the letter indicated to force the hand of the King of Dragons?


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