The Golden Son by Pierce Brown


Rate: 4.5/5

Medium: KindleBook

Overview (No Spoilers): The Golden Son is everything, and more that you’d wish from a sequel for Red Rising. The novel picks up approximately two or three years after we left Darrow following his success in the Institute. Brown creates situation, after situation where Darrow has to make choices to advance his station as a Gold with the consequences of pushing away his loyal friends. Loyalty and trust become main themes throughout the Golden Son, with Darrow struggling to maintain a grasp to his Red identity, while not completely immersing himself in the Gold persona as the path to his goal becomes clear. Overall, just as I’d become a bored with the storyline that seemed predictable and straight forward, the final events of the book turns Darrow’s world upside down. It took me a few days to write this post because I’m still processing everything that happened within a matter of minutes! The third, and final book in the series is due in February and can’t come fast enough.

Additional Insight (May Contain Spoilers):

  1. Why would Darrow risk everything by revealing his origins to Mustang and Ragnar? I understand that loyalty and trust are major themes in the Golden Son, however it seems like he takes risks that entail dire consequences.
  2. Speaking of risks, why would anyone have let Darrow go home to visit his family? Again this choice puts all that he’s done for Reds in peril to satisfy his own sense of vanity and morality. With that being said, I loved the interaction with Darrow and his mother. She asked the questions I had been all along. What will happen to all the mining lowReds when they wish to come to the surface? Is there room for all of them?
  3. It was refreshing to witness Darrow failing for the first time. In Red Rising, almost everything he touched turned to gold, while in the Golden Son, we see him fail in the Academy, with Augustus, and friendships. He appears to learn from these situations, however in the culmination of his success everything crashes around him with the betrayal of Roque and the Jackal. The deaths of Ares, Victra and Lorn, along with his capture will be devastating. I’m so curious how he will escape from this predicament.
  4. I’m find myself to be so disappointed in Roque’s betrayal. Granted, Darrow took his friendship for granted, however I expected him to side with Darrow and not the Jackal.
  5. I loved that Darrow trained with Lorn right after the Institute. I wanted Darrow to pick Lorn to be his sponsor instead of Augustus from the very beginning.
  6. Where did Mustang go at the end of the book and who’s side will she pick once she’s heard of the betrayal? For that matter, where were Ragnar and Servro?
  7. The Jackal’s additional betrayal of his beloved brother Claudius was an additional shock that solidified his evil, villain personal. He was balancing on the brink between good and evil throughout most of the Golden Son, unfortunately he landed on the wrong side for Darrow.
  8. Ares’ identity was revealed as Sevro’s father, ­­­­­­­­Fitnicher, who had infiltrated the Sovereign’s circle to the point of being named the Rage Knight. I didn’t see the twist coming; however once it was revealed I had an overwhelming feeling that I should have known all along. I enjoyed the fact that a Gold was behind the Sons of Ares, clamoring for a revolution.
  9. How did Darrow reveal himself to the Jackal?
  10. Are Darrow’s Uncle and Cousin really dead?


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