Mackinac Island – Michigan


My busy, busy summer continued this past weekend as I celebrated my sister-in-law’s bachelorette party on Mackinac Island, Michigan.  Mackinac Island is a very popular vacation destination for Michiganders as it is located right between the Upper Peninsula and the Lower Peninsula as seen in the map below (left).

The appeal of this tiny island lies in the feeling of stepping back through time as you will not encounter vehicles, instead horse drawn carriages and bicycles. Additionally, there’s a lot of history packing into this small island with Fort Mackinac and the beautiful Grand Hotel, however my favorite activity happens to be the leisurely 8 mile bike ride around the perimeter of the island, of which you can trace on the zoomed in map to the top right. You can follow the photos from our biking adventure below as we started out in town, before stopping at the familiar geological formation, Arch Rock, all the while encountering other bikers, runners and horse drawn carriages. While you can bring your personal bike with you on the ferry, bikes can also be rented from several venders located throughout the main street. As a group, we finished our little biking trip in a little over two hours, while taking a few breaks to admire the beautiful scenery.







On our trip back to the mainland on the ferry we were treated to a beautiful view of the five mile Mackinac Bridge (connecting the Upper Peninsula and the Lower Peninsula) at sunset with storms rolling in.  No trip to Mackinac is complete without picking up some fudge and the obligatory trip across this iconic bridge!




  1. I love Mackinac Island! The fudge is to die for, and I always liked visiting the Butterfly House. Did you ferry in from St. Ignace or Mackinaw City?

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      • It’s serene and beautiful in the Butterfly House. I remember watching a few butterflies eating slices of banana.

        I love Murdick’s Fudge the best. What’s your favourite fudge location? I always ferried over from Mackinaw City. We switched to Starline for a couple years because it had the latest running launches.

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  2. I’m headed there tomorrow. I’m planning on running the route. I didn’t know the length of the perimeter, and was hoping to get in a good 8 miles, so telling the distance made my research easy :-).

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  3. Ah, Mackinac Island…I’m a Michigan native, so I often went there when I was young. Your post really makes me want to go back and visit!

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  4. I actually just wrote a blog post relating to Mackinac Island myself!! A book I read was set there, which was amazing to read about. I used to visit Mackinac Island as a kid and it holds some of my most special childhood memories!

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      • Thank you!! This is probably the strangest memory- I remember riding bikes up this huge hill, but there were hundreds of baby frogs jumping across the road and we couldn’t help but ride over some of them as we went. There were so many! 😦
        I also loved riding along the edge of the island! It was so beautiful.

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