War Dogs by Guy Lawson

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Rate: 3/5

Medium: Kindle

Overview (No Spoilers):

A few months ago, after my brothers talking up the movie, Luke and I finally watched War Dogs, starring Jonah Hill and Miles Teller. While we enjoyed the action packed movie, I couldn’t help but ponder how much of the movie was factual, as the events portrayed seemed larger than life. Upon finding out the exploits of the young gunrunners was based on a book by Guy Lawson, I had to reserve War Dogs from my local library. Being a fairly reserved, sheltered, and naive person, I can hardly image how to go about becoming a gunrunner or going down a career path of that nature, hence reinforcing the wonder of literature as it allows readers to step in the shoes of individuals or, more specifically lives that are beyond anything they’d previously considered. While reading I was very interesting in the subject matter detailed by Lawson, however I soon grew almost bored with his narrating style as it took on a tone of relegating details and events, rather than telling a story. Overall, War Dogs was a fascinating tale of failed government oversight, corruption, world politics and young men who seized upon the available, lucrative opportunities, only to eventually bite off more than they can chew.



  1. I also loved the movie (especially how Jonah Hill’s character seemed like a grown-up Eric Cartman). I am considering reading the book, and it’s good to know what to expect. I was thinking it would be as engaging as the movie instead of a more academic reading of the facts. Still might read it because it’s such an interesting topic.

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  2. good for you for searching out the book after watching the movie in the first place-and I couldn’t agree with you more in the power of books and living other people’s lives for just a few hours 🙂

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