A Valentine’s Day Trip to John K. King’s Rare and Used Books in Detroit


When I was researching libraries and bookstores in Austria, Czech Repubic, Slovakia, and Hungary for our Honeyversary I was startled to discover that one of the top bookstores in the United States and moreover the world was in located in my backyard. For months now I’ve wanted to adventure to The John K. King’s Rare and Used Bookstore, located in downtown Detroit, but as often happens with life Luke and I’ve have been busy little bees. For Valentine’s Day, Luke decided to plan a special trip to Detroit to finally visiting this wonderful, four story bookstore. Check out the photos from our trip below!









      • I just did a search, and lo and behold, they’ve got some pieces that I have not been able to locate! So cool! Thank you for sharing this resource. And, I loved all of the pictures you shared, too.

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      • Oh, good question. Toughie! I love this little used bookstore in Northern CA (city of Willits) called “The Book Juggler.” You see it from the outside and think it’s a tiny little thing; then you just find you can keep walking and walking and walking…it feels magical, like we’re in Hermoine’s purse or something haha. And they always have great books at decent prices. It’s my favorite 😀

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