John K. King Rare and Used Books – Detroit, Michigan

Happy Belated Thanksgiving! I hope all of you were able to spend the holiday weekend with family, enjoying a plethora of delicious comfort foods! The day after Thanksgiving Luke and I found ourselves in Ford Field (Detroit Lions) watching his younger cousin’s high school football team competing in the state championship game. Alas, the game did not go as hoped, however not all was lost as we stopped by one of my favorite locations in Michigan, John K. King Rare and Used Books! I first ventured to this highly touted bookstore back in February after discovering this gold mine featured in various top bookstore lists (Business Insider, CNN, Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, BuzzFeed). I’d been eager to return to assess if this book lover’s haven would hold the same magic the second time around.  Needless to say we had just as much fun exploring the endless aisles this past Friday looking for hidden treasures. As a side note, my level of giddy excitement visiting John K. King’s Bookstore was was proportional to Luke’s increasingly agitated allergies.  Enjoy our photos below from this unique bookstore and let me know your favorite/most beautiful bookstore?



  1. We live about 2 hours away in Michigan and my relatives in the East side of the state have told me how amazing this bookstore is. Hoping to make a trip this summer. How was the pricing on the books? Our used bookstore in town is way over priced. Pictures look amazing, so many books.

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    • Oh I hope you’re able to visit John K. King’s Bookstore soon! 🙂 We didn’t find the pricing to be too bad. I was more interested really in looking than shopping. Next time I’m going to go in with a plan. I got a bit overwhelmed this trip! 🙂

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  2. Holy cow, this place is like a dream! I kind of want to say congratulations to you for stepping foot in a store like this, because it’s doubtful I ever will! Hah!

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