A Bachelorette Bimini Adventure!


Over the past weekend several of my friends and I jetted off to celebrate my beautiful friend Kayla’s bachelorette party in Bimini! Bimini, a Bahamian island only 50 miles from Miami, was my first adventure back to this region since high school. As such, I was much more liberal with my sunscreen than during my previous visit. Let’s just say on my inaugural trip this far south, blisters due to sunburn were had by all, making for a painful flight home.  On this whirlwind of a trip we had such a wonderful time lounging in the sun and partaking of the local fare. With the bachelorette party in the books it will be just over a month before we will be back together celebrating Kayla’s wedding! I can’t wait! ❤

We started our trip in Miami where we boarded the FRS Caribbean ferry to the island of North Bimini where our resort was located. Below was our departing view of Miami


Once on the island and settled into our hotel, we rushed to the Infinity Pool, which offered amazing views of the ocean!



The next day for lunch we adventured to Stuart’s Conch Stand based on multiple recommendations by locals.  Generally, I tend to get a bit apprehensive about ordering seafood as it is out of my comfort zone, however I couldn’t say no to the delicious, fresh conch and lobster!  Plus, the ocean views provided while eating were amazing to say the least.

Following lunch we went in search of a beach and stumbled upon CJ’s Deli and the stunning beach access behind the restaurant.  Needless to say, we had a blast splashing around in the waves! Topping it all off, there was a stand cutting open coconuts with a rather large machete on the beach, thereby providing a refreshing beverage of coconut water with perhaps an additional splash of rum.  😉

After leaving the beach we spent the rest of the afternoon lounging at the rooftop infinity pool, which again provided phenomenal views! It was also on this rooftop area that  we saw Dru Hill and 112 in concert the night before.  I was surprised to learn that Dru Hill’s lead singer is actually Sisco, who you might recall from ‘The Thong Song.’ Although a word of warning, if you just happen to run into Sisco I neglect to mention that notorious song as he seemed rather bitter regarding his former hit.


Both nights we adventured down to the local bars where we encountered the nicest people! Actually, everywhere we went on our excursions throughout Bimini we met locals that treated us like family.




  1. Amazing views! I’m not really a ‘beach person,(because summers in Japan are so painfully hot…) but the color of the ocean is stunningly beautiful! It makes me want to bask in the sun at the beach this summer ❤

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  2. Wow – the color of the water is unreal. My friends and I are trying to figure out where to do a girl’s trip and Bimini didn’t show up in any of the usual “Girl’s Trip” recommendations. Would you mind sharing what hotel you stayed at?

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