The Martian by Andy Weir

The Martian

Rating: 5/5

Medium: Book

Overview (no spoilers): Wier does a masterful job navigating the reader through this heavily scientific, technical material, while managing to not lose the reader’s interest. The main character, Mark Watney is a bit rough around the edges, thereby not emulating the polished, professional character typically expected from an astronaut. Throughout the book, Watney has to overcome various obstacles and crises, creating an ‘edge of your seat’ suspense, which keeps readers hooked. Despite the seemingly impossible situations, Watney’s dialogue offers refreshing humor to counteract the gloom and doom of his condition. Overall, The Martian was a refreshing, unique enjoyable novel that readers will love diving into. You won’t be disappointed!


  1. […] Seven years! I honestly had to verify multiple times to make sure seven was correct. How has that much time passed since I started my little blog as a side project? Post graduate school I had more time on my hands than I’d had since middle school to pick my love of reading back up, and the Critiquing Chemist was born out of the intent to build a personal archive I could reflect back upon if needed. Plus I wanted a way to capture the many theories my lab mates and I had speculated upon with titles such as The Game of Thrones. While my review style has evolved along the way, I always find it a good reminder of the start to revisit my first review, The Martian. […]


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