The Magician’s Land by Lev Grossman



Rate: 4/5


Medium: Book


 Overview (No Spoilers): Despite my hesitations starting the Magician King, upon turning the last page I made an impromptu trip to the local bookstore to pick up The Magician’s Land. As I’ve stated before, I typically attempt to put a novel or two between consecutive books in the series, however I couldn’t resist checking back into Quentin unfortunate situation. While the Magician’s King appeared to neatly wrap up several characters, The Magician’s Land introduces several fascinating characters and quickly pulls the reader back into another Fillory adventure. More importantly the juvenile characters, who’d begun their maturation process in the Magician King continue to grow into adulthood. As the characters begin to reveal their long kept secrets, Fillory also sheds like on its mystery and magic. Most importantly, Alice finally makes another appearance, however will Quentin be able to find a way to reach her in her demonic, fiery state? Again, the correlations to the Chronicles of Narnia were delightful and thought provoking, regarding one of the favorite literary journeys of my childhood. Overall, this story wraps up as gratifyingly as any trilogy I had read in quite some time. As I was initially hesitant to recommend The Magician’s Trilogy to friends, the remaining two books in the series had me very much revising that stance. Also, despite initial misgivings I will also be eagerly anticipating the SyFy TV adaption of The Magicians.  Watch the trailer here.


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