Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas



Rate: 4/5


Medium: KindleBook


 Overview (No Spoilers):

What a thoroughly enjoying series so far (See my review of Throne of Glass here)! Celaena Sardothien, now the King’s Champion, is a delightfully strong and complex female character. She is not only an assassin, with morals, but also rejected the Crown Prince Dorian’s romantic advances, even if they were from an honest place of love. The romantic cat and mouse games played by Celaena and Chaol were artfully built into lovely interaction and chemistry. However, Celaena’s world crumbles and is shaken to the foundation by an apparent betrayal. As she begins to piece together her life, many of the most closely guarded secrets begin to unravel and become revealed, much to the delight of the reader. It is taking major effort on my part to not pick up the next book immediately! Overall, please read this series! You will not be disappointed. Despite the YA tag, the characters are deeply developed, as well as the world, empires, and subsequent cultures in which Celaena, Dorien, and Chaol inhabit.

Additional Insight and Comments (Potential Spoilers):

  1. I’d wondered all along if Celaena was Royalty! I was so excited my prediction came true.
  2.  What will Celaena find during her journey across the sea? Will she be embraced by other Fae? Will she find the last of the Wyrdkeys? How did the King find the second Wyrdkey? Will she be able to reestablish her own magic upon finding one of the keys?
  3. What is going on with the clocktower? The obsidian rings? The dungeons and creatures that inhabit them? So many more mysteries!
  4. Who are the people that the were made into the creatures in the dungeons? Are they going to be the riders that the king needs for the wyverns.
  5.  Will Chaol really leave the Palace to return with his father back home? Does he really view Celaena as an enemy? When will he see the evil of the King?


  1. I am really enjoying this series. It took me almost no time at all to get caught up. I think Sarah J. Maas truly has a talent at story telling. She knows how to tell us just enough to let us guess at major plot points, but she keeps up the suspense the entire time. I also adore all of her characters. They are so beautifully written.

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    • Oh I completely agree Saloni! I’m always getting caught off guard by her several plot twists, much to my delight! I love how much the story line has evolved from the first book. I just finished Queen of Shadows and am now waiting, rather impatiently, for the 5th book in the series due to each book surpassing its predecessor.

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