Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas



Rate: 4.5/5


Medium: Book


Overview (No Spoilers): Every time I start a book in this series, well any series for that matter, I’m terrified to get my hopes up just to have them dashed by the dreaded mid-series placeholder. Maas accomplishes the perfect balancing act of unveiling an adequate quantity of secrets, while still maintaining an air of mystery surrounding the direction the story is headed. The Queen of Shadows finds Celaena finally letting go of her assassin past and persona through much personal reflection and revenge, while simultaneously embracing her illustrious lineage, Aelin Ashryver Galathynius. She and Chaol, while still being overly hostile to each other, find common ground in rescuing Prince Doran from his father and the stone collar. Another fascinating character that the reader finally meets is Celaena’s mentor, Arobynn, who exceeds expectations and ultimately leads to a climax of utimate suspense. Aelin continues to grow in maturity at much the same level as in Heir of Fire, with her seeing through the many manipulative veils that Arobynn had once erected round her, thereby finding allies where there had once only been competition, yet again leading to the introduction of a new, delightful character, Lysandra. In Heir of Fire I was lukewarm to the introduction of the brutal, evil Witch Clans, however their sections have grown to be my favorite. These immortal beings are breaking bonds and traditions that have held their kind for centuries. The ultimate question is what side will they eventually chose, especially after the events toward the end of the book regarding magic. Overall, Queen of Shadows fits in perfectly as the fourth book in the Throne of Glass series and leaves me eagerly anticipating the release of the 5th book! In this novel you will find all of the characters growing leaps and bounds, while struggling to survive in a most terrifying time.

Additional Insight (May Contain Spoilers):

  1. Now that magic has been released, which side will the Witches side with and will Manon be able to somehow break the curse which forbids them to go home. I’m guessing the thawing of their hearts will be the key.
  2. Will Elide find her way to her Queen and what magic will she be able to wield now that magic is free? Her character has so much mystery surrounding it that I believe she is going to play a huge role in Aelin’s new empire. I’m shocked that most blogs appear to have overlooked her character potential! Also, hopefully Florine will also find her way back to Aelin too!
  3. Did anyone else find the fight between Manon and Aelin to be one of equals? I truly enjoyed the dynamic and the respect that they both gave toward the other. Personally, I was relieved that Aelin saved Manon. Her character is too interesting for her to be killed this early in the series. I have a feeling that Manon will have additional encounters with Prince Dorian. Perhaps some romantic encounters?
  4. Why did Manon’s gold eyes stop both demons?
  5. It was a terrible way to see Kaltain die but she did so much useful damage on her way out. Hopefully she killed whatever monstrosities the Yellowlegs were giving birth to.
  6. Now that it has been revealed that the Erawan, Head Varg has been in Duke Perrington this whole time, what does that mean for his plans in the north? And what is the ultimate weapon that the Matrons are assisting with? For that matter, why are the head witches being so helpful in the first place?
  7. Will Chaol ever be able to walk again?
  8. Will Dorian be able to recover as well from the Demon holding him hostage or will he go crazy like Kaltain? I have a bad feeling that he will turn evil again.
  9. Chaol was so disappointing with his close-minded view on magic. In the end he came around, however most of his dialogue was painful at best.
  10. Bravo to Maas for creating such wonderful strong female characters! Lysandra the shape shifter, Aelin, and Nesryn are delightful, along with Kaltain transforming into a strong magical being bent on destruction.
  11. I was beyond excited that Aelin and Rowan were together by the end of the book! I didn’t think there was any way that they would become a couple. So perfect!
  12. The end of King of Adarlan was beyond surprising. After the demon was eradicated the King’s true self emerged and weaved a story that hadn’t even occurred to me, in which he claims the banned magic was to save his son and Celaena, thereby hiding them from the demons. Alas, he was still killed, but it drastically brought into perspective who the real enemy is.

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