A Gathering of Shadows by V.E. Schwab


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Rate: 3.5/5

Medium: Kindle Book

Overview (Contains Spoilers):

Happy 4th of July everyone! I hope that all of you had wonderful weekends and were much more liberal with their sunscreen than myself!

A Gathering of Shadows is the second book in the Shades of Magic Series. I’d read the first book, A Darker Shade of Magic back in March and upon revisiting my review, I was surprised to find that I could, more or less, copy and paste my previous post and have it pass as a review of its sequel. A Gathering of Shadows takes seemingly half the book to fully get into the plot. While the story had left off fairly neatly after its predecessor, Schwab spent a lot of the beginning of this book fully developing the personalities of Deliah and Kell, as they had previously been lacking. However, in contrast due to the time dedicated to the two main characters, the further development of side characters suffered understandably. Once the story picks up steam, the readers are treated to a delightful tournament full of magic and curious, mysterious developments in White London. Just as the story is reaching the climax of suspense and we start to glimpse the plan that the ultimate evil creature has in store, the second book abruptly ends leaving the reader in a frustrating position of reading a story that has only moved pawns throughout. Overall, I’ll repeat my complaint from A Darker Shade of Magic. Schwab has created a fascinating and intriguing world, however has yet to pour that same level of development into her characters. She doesn’t lack for mysteries surrounding these chosen few characters, alas has yet to yield only but a few chosen secrets. If only there had been a few more veils lifted, the result would have added a depth needed to fully connect with the story and characters.

Additional Insight (May Contain Spoilers):

A repeated from my previous post:

  1. Delilah obviously must be an Antari. She has a glass eye, she could travel between worlds and of course she contains magic that has yet to be revealed. Who are her parents? For that matter what is Kell’s history and why did he have his memories erased? My guess is that the dressmaker that Delilah ran into knows more of the story, as well as the King and Queen. A long stretch, but what if he and Delilah are siblings?
  2. How will Kell and Delilah fix the worlds to allow for the flow of magic again? That has to the ultimate plot line of the series.
  3. What happened in the Black City? When will Kell make his own trip to the Black City?

New Questions

  1. What is Delilah if she is not Antari as is hinted?
  2. Who are Kell’s parents? I also became quite annoyed with the King and Queen and never quite understood why they were punishing Kell?
  3. What will happen to Kell with the collar on? And since he declined the offer from the King from Black London is Holland lost? Will Holland fight back?
  4. Why is Alucard like he is? Will Rhy find his power? What is their history?
  5. Is magic awakening again and what does that mean for the rest of the worlds? What is in the rest of the worlds other than London?



  1. I just took a quick glimpse at your review because I really want to read these two books and don’t want to be spoiled. 🙂 I’ve heard several different things about them. Do you consider them to be a bit more on the YA side?



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  2. Its a really good book. I read both A darker shade of magic and A gathering of shadows together and now I’m really left bereft because it ends on such a steep cliff hanger.

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