Scarlet by Marissa Meyer

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Rate: 3.5/5

Medium: AudioBook

Overview (No Spoilers): At the urging of my fellow bloggers, I decided to continue The Lunar Chronicles series after a lackluster world building and depth introduced in the inaugural novel, Cinder. While, unsatisfied with the detail aspect of Cinder, it did not deter from my overall enjoyment regarding the concept behind this futuristic world and the simultaneous interweaving of fairytales. Scarlet initially began on the same note, however managed to expand upon and evolve the world/characters from the preceding novel, while also incorporating delightful new characters that add to immediately richen the general storyline.  A specific favorite would be Carswell Thorne’s rakish, conceited, incredible dense persona, who also managed to provoke feelings of endearment from the reader. Among the new POVs was a new storyline taking place in France that wove in the fairytale of Red Riding Hood in a most entertaining fashion, however resulting in foreseeable plot twists, although when inspiration is derived from preexisting stories that outcome is practicably unavoidable. Another intriguing and perhaps the most revealing POV, whose identity I won’t spoil here, is actually a key character we’d already met in Cinder. Overall, despite the predictable nature, which I might add is nigh inescapable when retelling childhood folktales, Meyers has created in Scarlet, a fast paced, edge of your seat adventure that will capture your curiosity, as to not only how the characters will proceed, but how the next fairytale will be seamlessly incorporated the into the subsequent storyline.

Additional Insight (Spoilers Abound):

  • How will Cinder find Dr. Erland in Africa? How will she be able to overthrow the Lunar throne as a cyborg due to the prejudice that already exists?
  • Iko was resurrected! Her vibrant personality was a welcome introduction back into the storyline.
  • We got a POV from Queen Levana! I was so excited when I realized the foreign POV was from the evil Queen, which afforded a unique perspective regarding the Lunar court, people and politics. I’m excited to see what other information we will get from Luna in the next books.
  • Scarlet’s POVs were difficult at first to work through, as I would find myself impatient for the next chapter. Her out of control temper and tendency of jumping to conclusions was indeed frustrating. She eventually grew on me, especially as her her interactions with Wolf grew. Wolf was an enigma for the majority of the book and I look forward to learning more about his character and genetic mutations in the following books.
  • Poor, alone Kaito! I feel like Kai is alone on a floating device in the middle of the ocean, isolated from all of the exciting action. How will he be drawn back into the fray?



  1. I totally agree with you; I had a lot of issues with Scarlet. To be honest, I wasn’t drawn to either Wolf or Scarlet. I absolutely adored Thorne though. He breathes a new life into the story, in my opinion.
    But over all, this probably my least favorite in the series. I hope you’ll find Cress much better than this!

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  2. Great review – glad you enjoyed this book! I’m always weary about picking up books based on fairytales, but I thoroughly enjoyed this series. Wolf is probably my favourite character, but Carswell is hilariously endearing!

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