Bossypants by Tina Fey

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Rate: 4/5

Medium: Audiobook

Overview (No Spoilers): With my only other experience reading a comedian’s autobiography being Chelsea Handler’s, Lies That Chelsea Handler Told Me, I went into Bossypants skeptical at best despite, loving everything I’d seen Fey do. While I would laugh out loud at Handler’s antics, it was still just an ok read, ultimately having a hard time connecting with her larger than life personality. To date, Handler’s book is the only one I’ve read that I just couldn’t bring myself to review on my blog. Needless to say, I thoroughly enjoyed Fey’s stories, moreover her practical, down to earth advice toward women. As someone who yo-yos quite often on the having children debate, I loved finding another woman that shared so many of my feeling regarding everything from breastfeeding to balancing holidays with family. Personally, I also loved her anecdotes about her husband’s family’s farm. Initially I was cringing, expecting her to use country life as fodder for jokes by putting down her rural in-laws, however she relayed the intertwining stories in a respectful way in which they were funny without being insulting. I was born and raised on a farm, and in a few weeks my brother and I are taking my parents to Chicago to go see Hamilton. I was able to draw parallels with regard to our upcoming family trip to the big city with Fey’s stories of bringing her in-laws to New York. Overall, Bossypants was an excellent read as Fey offers thought provoking advice drawn from various stories throughout her life and career, which pertain to a wide array of topics ranging from how to be a decent person and coworker, to child rearing.


  1. This book sounds sooo good. I really need to bump it up on my to-read list. I’m glad it’s relatable, I think that is the best part about reading memoirs like this. Great review!

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  2. I’ve read John Cleese’s autobio which had me giggling a bit but a lot of it came off as quite bitter, even though Aussie and English humour is about the same. Not sure if I want to read any more comedian’s autobios now haha but this one sounds OK. I did read Hannah Hart’s “Buffering” which was fantastic. I do recommend that one.

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    • Hey Sarah (Great name btw)! I actually had to google who John Cleese is and I do love him in movies. 🙂 I likely would have been bothered by the bitterness too. I’ve heard really good things about Amy Poehler’s book as well!

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      • He is a fantastic comedian haha but yes, he was a bit too bitter for me! There were some interesting stories, though. He has done a lot in his lifetime!

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  3. I read “You’re Never Weird on the Internet” which was fantastic and the one by the guy from How I met Your Mother, Barney, I can never remember his real name. His was funny but I’m not sure it makes sense as an audiobook because you’re supposed to read it as a (if you choose the red car go to page 42 and if you choose the taxi go to page 45) style. It was interesting.

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    • I actually tried reading that book through audiobook and didn’t last through the first chapter explaining the formatting. I didn’t see how it could work being narrated. I liked the unique format concept though.

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  4. I love this book (and her) so much! She never fails to crack me up and I found so many of her stories and the little lessons she drew from them to be so relatable. I’m not the biggest fan of comedian’s memoirs but this one is different for sure.

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