The Templars by Dan Jones

Rate: 2/5

Medium: Audiobook

Overview (No Spoilers):

Throughout my life, the Templars have been shown up in unexpected places from Indiana Jones and Robin Hood, to The Da Vinci Code.  As such I was excited to read Jones’ The Templars to learn more about this group whose name has grown into a legend and often linked to conspiracies.  This was definitely one of the rare books that I really struggled to finish. Usually I can feign interest during a topic that isn’t catching my attention until, surprise, I’m hooked. Alas that never really happened with The Templars. Sure my hears perked up with the mention of King Richard the Lionheart, and throughout his involvement my interest piqued, however his role with this long spanning group was relatively short.  I think part of my personal issue with this dense read was the challenge in keeping the many players and pawns sorted, along with their importance and role. There was a vast number of individuals at play, as such keeping track of them, within the context of the audiobook medium was challenging to say the least. This is definitely a book you’ll want to physically read if you are not acquainted with the time period and general history.  I did enjoy getting a glimpse at the history of Spain as my best friend and I are headed there next week! Many of the locations discussed are on the itinerary for our spontaneous, whirlwind trip. Overall, due to acknowledging the inappropriate medium I picked to read this detail laden book, Jones should be commended for condensing centuries of material into a readable, informative and relatively short read when considering the sheer quantity of information available.



  1. My mother is currently reading this book and she’s practically giving me minute by minute updates on what’s happening. Of course, my mother is a huge fan of reading philosophy and in-depth historical non-fiction. I personally have little interest in the topic, just like you, but she’s loving the book. I think, in order to like it, you have to have certain interests in the topic already and maybe even so general knowledge (which I don’t).

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  2. I saw this book in the shops at the weekend. Another book on the subject I found interesting was ;The Templars’ by Michael Haag, published in 2008 in the UK.

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