Skylight Books – Los Angeles, CA

The second LA bookstore Sarah and I ventured to has occupied a spot on several lists detailing the top bookstores in the United States. Skylight Books was a beautiful, airy, and bright store that even had a huge tree growing in the middle of the store. Not as overwhelmingly detailed as The Last Bookstore, Skylight Books had a completely different atmosphere, in large part due to the light given off by its namesake. If you only have time for one bookstore in LA I would definitely recommend going to The Last Bookstore, but if you’d have time for a second, Skylight Books provides a enjoyable counterpoint.

After finishing our LA excursions Sarah and I finished packing and headed to the airport for our Spain adventure! I’m writing this note as we are landing in Barcelona! Stay tuned for more photos and accounts of our spur of the moment trip!


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