The Fires of Heaven by Robert Jordan

Rate: 5/5

Medium: Audiobook

Overview (No Spoilers):

Much to my friend Amanda’s exasperation, whenever I work out I count down until I end a set of exercises in fractions. A good example is let’s say in Crossfit we are rowing for 1000 meters. I would call out to Amanda every 100 to 200 meters how far we had yet to do fractionally or how much we had accomplished. “One-tenth of the way done!… One-fifth!… Three-tenths!… Two-fifths! … One half of the way done!” So as you can imagine, what was mentally satisfying to me was unbearably annoying for my dear Amanda. As such it became a running joke throughout our workouts to find different ways to count down until we finally got through the WOD (workout of the day).  So tying this short aside into my book review, in this long Wheel of Time series I was amused to find myself doing the same thing as I was finishing each book. As such, upon finishing The Shadow Rising, I mentally rejoiced at being 1/4th the way through this series, although I had to laugh as I finished The Fires of Heaven that I was 5/16ths completed with the series. Silly prime numbers making fractions messy.  As with the previous four books in the series, I again flew through this novel, excited to see where Rand’s story was headed. It should be no surprise that I was disappointed when one of my favorite characters (Perrin) didn’t make an appearance, however as this series continues to get more expansive, similar in scope of GRRM, I was at least preconditioned that authors can utilize the skipping of story lines in these long epic tales. While my favorite wolf character was sorely missed, The Fires of Heaven worked speed Rand’s story along at a potentially breakneck pace, although it was arguable Mat and Egwene’s characters that experienced the most growth.  Additionally, Nynaeve is taught some valuable lessons regarding humility, as such is developing into one of my favorite characters, as long as she continues down this trek of self-reflection. Overall, I was highly entertained throughout this novel, often finding myself smiling at Mat’s antics, rolling my eyes at Nynaeve’s stubbornness, or even moved to tears by a particularly heartbreaking letter.  Though I realize I’m about to enter the stage in the series fellow readers have forewarned me is rather sluggish, I’m still excited to see how the rest of this adventure develops.

Additional Insight (Spoilers Abound):

  • Due to me listening to this series on audiobook I’ve had to look up the spellings of names or quotes online. As such, I’m accidentally have spoiled so key plot points and deaths for me! It is the worst!
  • Mat is probably my favorite character of this series! Especially as he fights his fate at every turn. Is he Manetheren’s King Reborn, like Rand being the Dragon Reborn? He was told that he would marry the Daughter of the Nine Moons, and we finally heard mentions of this person in the context of the Seanchan conversation in front of Rand and Aviendha. For that matter, what will the repercussion of the Seanchans seeing Rand in their own land? Will it somehow bring together Mat and his prophesied bride?
  • What are the powers of Mat’s Spear?
  • It is an interesting dynamic between Rand and Aviendha. Will he really get to ‘share’ all three the girls that are drawn to him?
  • Will Siuan Sanche and Gareth Bryne fall in love? What did Min mean that she had to say by him to save hers and his lives? Will Leane and Siuan be able to be healed by Nynaeve?
  • Will Logain be healed as well? Is that how he rises to glory again? Will he be an ally to Rand?
  • Will Elaida really send Aes Sedai to Rand? How will he avoid them?
  • Where is Morgase going? When will she be reunited with her children?
  • Who killed Asmodean at the end? What harm will Rand wield with balefire?
  • I enjoyed the chaffing that Nynaeve and Elayne experienced at returning to the Aes Sedai. Did the Aes Sedai reveal to the Wise Ones that Egwene was not a full Aes Sedai? I especially enjoyed the showdown between Nynaeve and Moghedien, and how she trapped the Forsaken! If Moghadien comes to camp with her will Dark Friends be revealed?
  • I admit it. I cried when Moiraine died, despite not knowing where her loyalties were aligned, especially with her letter. Did she really die? Did she really kill Lanfear. I have a feeling that the powerful Forsaken can’t be killed that easily.
  • Was the three story house being built in the Two Rivers for Perrin? He would hate that!
  • Is Thom Elayne’s father?



  1. I do the same with individual books, pressing what I have read to what I haven’t and thinking in fractions. But I’d have to agree with Amanda when it comes to doing that during workouts; I wouldn’t want to know that I was only 1/4 finished with rowing!

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  2. Are you going to read the prequel New Spring? And if so where in the series?

    The reason I ask is because when I read the series, I went to see where the best place to read it was, besides after Knife of Dreams as per publication order, Fire of Heavens was number one followed by Lord of Chaos. Personally I read it after Fire of Heavens.

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      • ***Spoilers for those that haven’t read Fires of Heaven Yet***

        Personally I thought reading it after Fires of Heaven was good because it dealt with how Moiraine and Lan became a team and how her search for the Dragon Reborn begin. Now that you’ve read that FoH, you can see why the suggestion was highest after publication order.

        The one downside is that there is yet to be introduced major character that will be relevant for the rest of the series from Book 7 on, but you don’t know whose side she’s on for some time and this is the case in the prequel as well . That’s why some suggest reading it after Lord of Chaos (book 6) because in both the prequel and the regular series people think the character has been dead for years.

        Longtime fans say that publication order should be done the first time you read the series and then in a reread put it where you feel it would do the best, but if you read New Spring after Knife of Dreams it won’t have the same impact with Moiraine and the major character will still be enigmatic.

        So my personal suggestion right now after Fires of Heaven. Second would be after Lord of Chaos, and third A Crown of Swords if you want the major character introduced in the main series before reading the prequel.

        Sorry for the long post.

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  3. We must be on a similar reading “plan” I’ve been posting my favourite quotes from each book (if you’re interested). Just finished book 5 yesterday, so will post that next weekend.

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