Grande Bibliothèque – Montreal, Quebec, Canada

While in Montreal for the day (stay tuned for next week’s post highlighting our 24 hours in Montreal), I couldn’t resist looking up Montreal’s most popular library. I was most definitely on a library high after the stunning Library of Parliament that we’ve visited the day before in Ottawa and was eager to explore another library. After perusing the list of city libraries, the Grande Bibliothèque stood apart as it was the most visited library in North America in 2011.  It was a bitterly cold Sunday morning that we were exploring Old Montreal, with a stiff wind making the chill that much more penetrating. With the weather now given context, marry someone who will readily walk into that biting wind for approximately thirty minutes to visit a library you have been reading about only that day. Luke and I were both frozen through by the time we stepped into the warm entry of the Grande Bibliothèque. We slowly perused the various levels of this massive library, taking in the open yet maze like quality of its layout.  As we explored we were stunned at the number of people using the library on a random Sunday morning. Every corner we turned and shelving unit we passed had someone either enjoying a book, studying or even napping in some cases.  I hope you enjoy our photos of the Grande Bibliothèque! What are your favorite libraries?   


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