Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman

Rate: 3/5

Medium: Audiobook

Overview (No Spoilers):

Looking back I’ve read several Gaiman books over the past year from Coraline to Norse Mythology.  Recently, I’ve found myself craving more of his American Gods and based on previous suggestions from bloggers decided to read his Anansi Boys, which plays loosely off one of his characters from the aforementioned novel.  That being said, I sat on the holds list for Anansi Boys for months and months. While I don’t think any title will take Child 44‘s spot for the longest I’ve waited, this book should likely fall in my top ten.  Unfortunately, the wait was not necessarily worth it as the read was just ok. Sure it had flashes of Gaiman’s brilliance and had some comparability to American Gods, but was in no way on the same level of complexity.  It was still a highly enjoyable read, despite the main character wallowing in self pity for a large chunk of this book. The ending came together rather abruptly, with the end result being conveniently clean and tidy, despite the hopelessness of the near past.  Overall, Anansi Boys satisfied my hankering for more mythology based Gaiman of which I sincerely hope he produces more of in the foreseeable future.

Additional Insight (Spoilers Abound):
  • Why would Anansi had hidden from Charles that he was a God?
  • Did Charles and Rosie ever have a conversation about breaking up? Was it weird she was dating his brother?
  • What other adventures had Spider embarked on?
  • Poor Charlie. Throughout most of this book his perspective was almost painful to read based on all the misery and self pity.
  • Are Charlie and Spider immortal? Will their father return?
  • Another terrible turn of events was Maeve’s death. The poor grieving woman just wanted to get her money! In general, her character was delightfully willful, especially in death as she had her heart set for revenge.

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