Storm Front by Jim Butcher

Rate: 3/5

Medium: Audiobook

Overview (No Spoilers):
Over the summer my local independent bookstore, Schuler Books brought in Jim Butcher to celebrate the release of his most recent installment of the Dresden Files.  I was eagerly in attendance to meet him and get my first edition, first print The Aeronaut’s Windlass signed, as it was my one and only book I’d read by him. Needless to say, I was shocked at the number of people that filled Schuler’s Books, making the drive from all over the state, with many of them in costumes inspired by the main character from Dresden files.  As I observed how much my fellow book readers were geeking out asking Butcher in depth questions regarding his series, I couldn’t help but become intrigued.
Having read nothing regarding the premise of this novel previously, I was delighted with the setting taking place in modern day Chicago and our main POV having the unique occupation of a for hire wizard. I typically do not gravitate toward detective novels due to their cookie cutter formatting causing the overall plot to become relatively predictable. Unfortunately, Storm Front contains many of the stereotypes of that aforementioned genre, as our main protagonist was worked beyond comparable exhaustion, while being surprised/startled/attacked every time the tantalizing hope of rest is so cruelly teased. Additionally, each time the situation becomes dire and we see Dresden give in to despair, of course he conveniently has some brilliant epiphany allowing him to shift the odds in his favor, ultimately killing any suspense that might have left the reader on the edge of their seat. Overall, Storm Front laid the foundation to what could be an intriguing modern, magical realm, although it suffered from the general flaws of detective novels.  I will most definitely continue with this series as I can only assume the literary world will continue to grow based the quantity of loyal fans this series has garnered.

Additional Insight (Spoilers Abound):
  • What happened to Victor Sell’s wife and kids after everything was said and done?
  • Will Karrin Murphy and Dresden repair their working relationship after his lies? Personally her stubborn attacking of him after he has helped her out so many times throughout the years drove me absolutely crazy and seemed out of character for the brief time we knew her.
  • Will Dresden have more run ins with Morgan and the White Council?
  • What is Dresden’s backstory with his mentor?
  • How did Victor learn as much as he did by himself?
  • How will the people that took the drug ThreeEye cope being cut off from their supply?
  • Did Victor’s wife give Dresden the scorpion on purpose?


  1. For what it’s worth, the stereotypes don’t get much better, but the world grows by leaps and bounds, and story kicks into high gear around book 3. At least it did for me. Mostly I’m impressed that when it comes to the mythos, he does the research and makes it all work.

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  2. I’d say the series gets better as it goes along, but this is basically what it ends up being. I always like the Dresden books, and I never feel any urge to read the next one any time soon. I latched onto Codex Alera much more easily, but it’s a very different series of his (about a lost Roman Legion that basically ends up in fantasy land)

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