Mitosis by Brandon Sanderson

Rate: 3/5

Medium: Kindle

Overview (No Spoilers): I tend to ignore novellas mid series, before circling back upon concluding the read to get one more glimpse of the literary world I’d enjoyed. That being said, upon bypassing Mitosis and continuing on with Firefight, I felt as though I was missing out on some vital inside information due to events within the novella being vaguely referenced several times throughout the second installment of The Reckoners series. Thus, I found myself breaking from habit and picking up Mitosis, which turned out to be a shockingly fast read. I finished this novella in an evening, enjoying the familiar banter of the team, along side the terrible, yet amusing metaphors concocted by David. From Firefight, I’d already known the outcome of Mitosis, however it was worthwhile to have the obvious gaps filled in. I would definitely recommend this novella as one that should be read within the order of the series, in between the first and second novels, as key clues are established that lead to big revelations in Firefight. Based on the events leading up to Calamity I’m excited to see where Sanderson will take this intriguing story.

Additional Insight (Spoilers Abound):

  • The story wasn’t given enough time to develop Mitosis into a really scary, evil character. Sure his power was really neat, but we only had one interaction with him before David figured out how to defeat him.
  • His own music as a weakness was also amusing and gets you wondering about what other Epics would have as a weakness. What is David’s weakness?


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