Code Girls by Liza Mundy

Rate: 4/5

Medium: Audiobook

Overview (No Spoilers)

Code Girls was the remarkable account of women codebreakers during World War II and the society molds they broke during this tumultuous time. The breakthroughs these inspirational women achieved with little to no recognition had major and immediate impacts on the Allies’ active war effort. Mundy brings to life not only the stories of these codebreakers, who held their secrets for decades, but more so allowed their vibrant unique personalities and senses of humor to shine with amusing romantic and life anecdotes of these young women. Additionally, Mundy spent significant effort highlighting views from the time period and social norms encountered on a daily basis from sexism to job availability and expectations. Due to the secrecy surrounding the projects, even their families later in life didn’t know the important work the women were engaged in during the war. I had a hard time putting myself in their shoes and imagining not only accepting, but also moving significant distances for a job that I knew nothing about.  The numbers of American women employed as codebreakers during the war was astonishing, although how quickly the women were pushed out post war was disheartening. I couldn’t help but be curious about the Cold War codebreaking mentality as it was slightly touched on toward the end of the Code Girls. Overall, the high level of research Mundy conducted to write Code Girls is evident, and enhanced with eloquent interweaving of the incredible feats and amusing stories achieved and lived by these extraordinary women


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