Wisconsin Historical Society Library

 Luke and I were excited to travel two weekends ago to Michigan State University’s Football game against the Badgers with several of his college friends. As sports fans we have a bucket list of stadiums or arenas around the country where we would love to see a game, with Camp Randall of the University of Wisconsin occupying one of the top spots. While I’m choosing to not discuss a game that ranks up there as one of the most embarrassing losses that I’ve experienced as an adult, the stadium experience was exceptional with the opposing fans, for the most part, being genuinely courteous and fantastic hosts. Plus, the iconic fourth quarter jump around was a ton of fun! We were equally impressed with Madison in general, with its Capitol Building occupying a hill between two massive lakes. Did you know you can even walking around the outside of the top of this striking building? It was rather chilly, and windy while we walked around the dome, however the views afforded of Madison were stunning. There’s also an overlook on the interior of the dome that’s worth the trek the top floor.


Check out this Alice in Wonderland door I found in the Capitol Building!

It should be no surprise that I had to look up the top libraries in the area while in Madison. When tailgating for the game, we detoured to the Wisconsin Historical Society Library based on finding the library on a list I’ve often perused of “Beautiful Libraries in All 50 US States.” The elegant, spacious Reading Room is located on the second floor.


We enjoyed circling the room, taking in the ornate ceilings before heading across the street to the University of Wisconsin’s Student Union to continue our tailgating. UW’s Union not only sells beer but is located right on Lake Mendota, affording fabulous views!


We enjoyed our visit to Madison so much (sans football outcome) that we anticipate returning to explore more!



  1. Wow, as someone who’s been obsessed with libraries, I have to say that Wisconsin Historical Society Library is one of the most beautiful ones I have ever seen. Thanks for sharing and have a good day 😀

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