The Blinding Knife by Brent Weeks


Rate: 5/5

Medium: Audiobook

Overview (No Spoilers):

Happy Holidays everyone!

I’m currently midway through approximately half a dozen series, however after finishing The Blinding Knife, I can easily place The Lightbringer series at the top of the aforementioned list. This series contains all of the elements I enjoy in fantasy literature from detailed and expansive world building to complex, multidimensional characters. Not to mention an intriguing magic source that is uniquely simple at its core but vastly complex in application. Weeks meticulously layered a solid foundation in The Black Prism that allowed him to continue to expand upon by further developing and evolving this literary realm throughout book two. Weeks added depth to established character, while simultaneously introducing new names to the cast of The Blinding Knife. Much to my excitement, significant time was spent within the Chromeria, where we were treated to both a taste of the politics and educational curriculum. Additionally, the further reaches within the realm of the Seven Satrapies were visited, thereby touching on the complicated history surrounding these reluctant allies. Overall, despite a hiccup three fourths of the way through this novel that involved much uncomfortable, but perhaps necessary (still deciding), drama I positively loved this read and couldn’t put it down. With the groundwork established by the first two books, I can’t wait to find out what Weeks has in store for the rest of this series.

Additional Insight (Spoilers Abound):

  • Why did Ironfist not tell Gavin he drafted white? Why is it hush hush? What are the implications?
  • Why was Kip supposed to destroy the Blue? Was it because he was one of Andross’ minions or because Gavin had lost blue?
  • I totally called it that Zymun was Kip’s half brother and that Andross was a Red Wight. I didn’t predict though that Andross was in league with the Color Prince. Why didn’t the dagger drain him totally of his colors? Why did it impact Gavin more completely? If it ‘balanced’ Andross did that mean that Kip killed harmless people when he was killing the Giant Green Wights in the Green Bane?
  • How will Gavin escape Gunner? What will Gunner do with the knife/sword? How did Kip’s mom end up with it?
  • Will Liv really become one of the Superviolet banes? Can she do it without having broke her color? I still can’t believe she decided she could sacrifice her friends. Is there any way for her to be redeemed?
  • Will Kip survive Zymun? What awaits back at the Chromeria?
  • Who is this red haired guy running around drafting Paryl? Where did he come from and who trained him? It sounds like he was doing Andross’ bidding, if so how did Andross find him? Will Teia continue to hone her craft?
  • It totally threw me when Gavin actually killed his brother. Really that whole section of the book was generally frustrating from both Ana showing up in Gavin’s rooms to Karris walking in and Ana getting thrown off the balcony.
  • How much does the White know? She alludes to knowing more than she’s let on. Does she know Gavin’s secret?
  • I wanted to know more about Janus Borig! How did the Librarian know to send Kip to her? When will Kip look into the cards? What will he learn? I’m starting to have the opinion that every good fantasy read must have its own unique game.



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