Bird Box by Josh Malerman

Rate: 4.5/5

Medium: Audiobook

Overview (No Spoilers): Usually one to jump on the pop culture bandwagon of the moment, it was rather out of character that I didn’t end up watching Bird Box when the Netflix movie had captured the public’s attention. Apparently, I’m even later to the game than Kim Kardashian. When looking for a new book, I stumbled across the title that inspired the movie and couldn’t help but pick up this read, especially as much time has passed since I’d last immersed myself in the horror genre. Malerman deliberately weaves his story in a way that intermingles past and present, ultimately dropping subtle clues that leaves the suspense, if not palpable, uncomfortable. By the time the arc finally drew to its climax, I was both equal parts in dread and anticipation, all the while being held at the edge of my seat. Honestly, I couldn’t help but draw correlations to M. Night Shyamalan’s The Happening. The suspense of Bird Box, along with the horror induced by ones own imagination at wandering through a world blindfolded was enough makes one jumpy even in between periods of reading. That being said, I finished Bird Box in two days because not only was it a quick read but I couldn’t stop listening to it. Overall, Bird Box was a highly suspenseful, but fascinating read that will keep one pondering and contemplating throughout. I have a feeling I’ll soon be curled on the couch watching the movie that held everyone’s interest for a few short weeks.

Additional Insight (Spoilers Abound):

  • What happened to the birds in the boxes after the terrible night of the births?
  • Even if Malory had gone through the house with a broom to make sure it was safe, what would ensure the creature hadn’t moved out of the way?
  • If dogs could go mad couldn’t the birds? And for that matter, didn’t the birds go mad above Malory and the children?
  • Where did Gary go? Why didn’t he kill himself like everyone else? What other crazies are out there?
  • Where did the creatures come from? If looking at the camcorder caused someone to react adversely to what actually triggered the response?
  • Did the creature break the lock in the attic? If so, why didn’t they break down other doors or windows? Why did it toy with Malory’s blindfold?
  • I remember a major complaint of the movie was very few answers were given regarding the creatures. I’m thankful I’d been given that minor spoiler for the read or I would have been frustrated with the lack of closure.
  • Why was getting the amplifier important?
  • How did she get enough food for her and the children?
  • What would have happened if Rick had called a few days sooner?



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