The Liar’s Key by Mark Lawrence

Rate: 5/5

Medium: Audiobook

Overview (No Spoilers):

For the past two years, I’ve heavily immersed myself in epic fantasies, with regard to my reading material of preference. I’m very much still in the thralls of this reading phase, comfortable in the knowledge I’m likely going to enjoy every book I pick up, while encountering some of my favorite reads of all time. That being said, Lawrence’s characters in The Liar’s Key are truly a breath of fresh air with regard to a genre  whose patterns I’m now well familiar. In this series, we follow the many (mis)adventures of Prince Jalan, who is far from the hero that we’ve come to expect in literature. Throughout this read, Jalan’s shameless and unapologetic commitment to laziness and cowardice provide ample amusement as he finds himself in various dangerous situations. Seriously though, this read had it all from adventure and magic, to history, world building, and loss. My favorite aspect of this read were the glimpses we were granted of Jalan’s imposing Grandmother and how the bloody legends surrounding her were started. Overall, Lawrence continued to evolve this fascinating literary world in The Liar’s Key, however it was his unique character development and breaking of traditional molds that has made me a permanent fan of his work. I can’t wait to find out what adventures are in store for our reluctantly maturing Prince.

Additional Insight (Spoilers Abound):

  • The ending was perfect! You have Jalan who was starting to evolve beyond his cowardice, deciding last minute to change his mind and abandon Snorri. Then in a surprise twist, Snorri grabbed Jalan through Death’s door, setting up book three. What will Jalan find beyond the door?
  • The story dragged as Jalan and Snorri were temporary separated, but their reunion was worth the wait.
  • Jalan finally was able to go home after such a long wait. Interestingly, life back in luxury was not all our Prince had built it up to be in his mind.
  • Will Garyus be mad that Jalan lost all of his money?
  • I hated that Tuttugu was killed. Will Jalan and Snorri find him again in Death? Will Snorri find his family? Will Jalan find his sister?
  • I feel like the spear that Jalan brought back from with him from his flashback should have more significance.
  • Who will take care of Hennan?



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