The Blood Mirror by Brent Weeks

Rate: 5/5

Medium: Audiobook

Overview (No Spoilers):

Weeks has crafted one of my favorite series of recent, and I must confess I don’t want this journey to come to an end. Just when I think the series can’t get any better Weeks ups the game in The Blood Mirror. So much happens throughout this fourth installment of the Lightbringer series that it feels as though every conversation, regardless of how trivial it might seem, has hidden layers that are yet to be peeled back. Part of what drew me in as a reader during the The Black Prism and elevated this series above other contemporaries was this level of complexity and depth imbued upon establishing that nothing is as meets the eye. I loved that Weeks manages to fool the reader right away in book one, leaving one to question and ponder each previous discussion or interaction in a new light. In a rather bold move by Weeks, he employs this tactic again, implementing this dynamic for a third time causing the reader to rehash yet again the same key interactions and events, dating back to book one. Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, I’m delighted. Certain POVs or situations seemed to drag throughout The Blood Mirror but these were usually sandwiched between giant revelations or high suspense, allowing the overall flow to maintain a nigh breakneck pace despite the few odd hiccups. While this read did not necessarily expand the literature realm, significant depth was added to almost all key characters as we learned more about their motivations, desires, and backstories. Weeks also brutally wielded his pen as a weapon as he killed off one of my favorite characters. During this specific scene, I was sobbing while cutting up vegetables for soup when my husband got home from work, ultimately amused at the emotional mess he was walking into. The Blood Mirror has the general feel of a placeholder as Weeks maneuvers his players in place for the grand finale, but manages to avoid stagnant pacing that often accompanies pawn being positioned with fast pacing and shocking reveals. Overall, The Blood Mirror has left me both eagerly anticipating what surprises Weeks will have in store for the final installment of his series, while simultaneously dreading this fantastic literary adventure drawing to a close.

Additional Insight (Spoilers Abound):
  • Andross Guile the loving father? Just as I thought he’d been crafted diamond hard into a one dimensional evil character we start to see cracks shine through of perhaps a hidden side.
  • Gavin’s brother was never in the cells and instead killed on Sunder Rock? All of those interactions, POVs, suffering were just a figment of Gavin’s madness?
  • When will Gavin realize he can draft White? What will the White mean for his Black madness?
  • Is Gavin actually evil then?
  • What will happen to Gavin as he is on the path set by Grinwoody? How will Gavin’s interactions be with Gunner? Where are the rest of the rowers that Gavin was shackled with?
  • What else has he erased from his mind by using the Black?
  • Wait…wait… wait! Kip is actually Andross’ son? Just ponder all those interactions and games they played against each other in this new light.
  • At least Karris now realizes that Zymun is a fraud! When Gavin the Blackguard died that was another heartbreaking scene as his character was easy to connect with and like. Thankfully his words reached Karris.
  • It was interesting that Zymun was not actually part of the majority of this read. What has he been up to?
  • Some of my favorite chapters were Kip evolve into his own leader, along with his Mighty. That being said, his interactions with Titis were indeed frustrating, as they must have been for this newly married couple. Still, their bond grew, along with the size of their army.
  • Why did Karris or Andross never talk about Kip being in the Blood Forrest? They must have heard rumors.
  • Teia killing Ironfists’ sister was another heart wrenching scene where the reader feels as helpless as the old Commander. This felt like a turning point for Teia. What will Ironfist do next? Are the rumors of him being a King now true?
  • When will Winston do something unforgivable to the Mighty?
  • What is going on with these higher powers at play?
  • Who was the third person in the cells when Teia went to the dungeons and saw Quentin?


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