Shadow’s Edge by Brent Weeks

Rate: 3/5

Medium: Audiobook

Overview (No Spoilers):
The Night Angel Trilogy continues in the Shadow’s Edge, with events picking up immediately following the action packed conclusion of The Way of Shadows. Book two maintains the dark undertones established by its predecessor, making this read not have necessarily ‘fun’ material, although still quite intriguing with the various plot twists. Weeks did add depth to many characters and this literary world as a whole throughout the Shadow’s Edge. That being said, no character was safe from Weeks’ pen that a mirrored a brutal weapon, with the cast significantly reduced by the end of the last chapter.
One of my favorite aspects of The Night Angel’s literary world are the many magical elements scattered throughout,  i.e., ka’kari, vurdmeisters, witches, and wetboys. In the Shadow’s Edge some of the mystery surrounding magic is unveiled, although there is much of the unknown to still discover. With every secret revealed ten more managed to take its place, leaving plenty of fodder for the conclusion of this trilogy to expand upon.
We were granted more POVs in the Shadow’s Edge where we gained insight into the inner thoughts of Garoth Ursuul, Vi, Ariel, and Elene, to name a few. These perspectives added complexity to characters who had previously seemed one dimensional, thereby affixing multifaceted motivations their actions. Overall, the Shadow’s Edge might have left the reader with more questions than it answered, but it did set up what should prove to be a quite action packed and bloody grand finale.

Additional Insight (Spoilers Abound):
  • Is there a higher power guiding Kylar? Between him selling his sword for exactly the same price as the magical earrings that Vi randomly stoll that ended up allowing her to break her compulsion from the God King.
  • When will Kylar find Elene? I found their relationship as frustrating as they did. I fully recognize they’re both young and learning to be in a relationship, but it didn’t make their growing pains any less so for the reader.
  • What was in Durzo’s letter?
  • So much effort was expended to build up Jarl and then he just dies. Who will step up to the plate now?
  • Logan is still my favorite character of the book. What will he do now that he knows his wife is still alive? What will happen to his wife now?
  • Logan in the prison was seriously brutal! What happened to Gnasher?
  • What was the creature under the Pit and what with the designs imprinted on Logans arms?
  • What will book three be focused on now that the Godking is dead?
  • How will Kylar get back Retribution?
  • Is Vi really the Godking’s daughter? Will she go to the Chandry?
  • Is Uly going to be successful at the Chandry?
  • Will Ariel and Kylar meet again?
  • What will happen with Khali?


  1. I wondered that too: What did Durzo write?
    IKR!! I was so upset about what happened to Jarl. So upset. I felt tricked and didn’t believe he actually died.
    I’m curious about Logan too. I want to know more about his tatts as well.
    Lol! I look forward to your thoughts on book 3 because some stuff blew my mind.

    Liked by 1 person

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