Dawnshard by Brandon Sanderson

Rate: 5/5

Medium: Kindle

Overview (No Spoilers)

Well despite my best efforts, I didn’t draw out or savor reading Rhythm of War. Instead, I indulged in binge reading this delightful continuation of The Stormlight Archive as fast as I possibly could. I kept telling myself that at least I had the Dawnshard still waiting in the wings and promised myself I’d take my time reading this novella. Alas, willpower has never been my strong suit. I finished Dawnshard in one sitting and it was amazing! Based on the revelations in this novella, it would have been nice to read it before Rhythm of War as it would have added clarity to a few chapters and various situations, especially an exchange between Rysn and Vstim. As a whole though, my reading order didn’t hamper my enjoyment of this short addition.

The Dawnshard gave us a fascinating look at the inner workings of the Sleepless, as well as Rysn who is still learning to cope not only with her injury but also the struggles of learning to lead, now that Vstim has assumed a much less involved role as an investor. With the prospects of a new and exciting mission in the works, every step of the process seems hindered with bad omens, putting the completion of the adventure in jeopardy. Adding needed levity to the mix, we also get a much needed heavy dose of Lopen! This Windrunner never fails to amuse, though his jokes often border on going too far.

The novella, as a whole, is a grand adventure that not only adds depth to its cast, but adds motive and sustenance to creatures and beings of mythological status. Overall, Dawnshard is a must read for any fan of The Stormlight Archive as it lays the foundation for what should prove to be significant events in subsequent novels, especially surrounding characters such as Rysn, Chiri-Chiri and the Sleepless.

Additional Insight (Spoilers Abound)

  • Would the Dawnshard accept just anyone?
  • Why was not bonding a spren and becoming a Radiant a condition of Rysn’s negotiations? 
  • We know that the Dawnshard is a set of commands. What are those commands? 
  • What would have happened if the Sleepless had killed Rysn? Would they have really been able to recover the Dawnshard?
  • Did Rushu find the Oathgate? What did they find in the underground city on the island? I loved getting to know Cord a bit more! How often will Chiri-Chiri have to return to the island?
  • Would Chiri-Chiri had returned to Rysn had she not taken in the Dawnshard?
  • What was the large shadow that Lopen saw trailing the ship during the storm?
  • Huio saying the next Ideal before Lopen was highly amusing, but Lopen’s dialogue throughout kept the story light. He was sorely missed in the Rhythm of War.
  • Can Lopen really taste the difference between gemstones?
  • Does the Dawnshard really enhance Rysn’s senses?


  1. Dawnshard was excellent and I’m glad for the little bits of lore that was picked up throughout the book and how things started to make a bit more sense concerning how the Ideals work and how those who are disabled are viewed in this world.

    It’s always a treat to go back to Roshar and this gave us insight to those that we don’t see a lot of. I was very glad for that!

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  2. Every time I see you talk about this series I get the feeling I should dig into it. Brandon Sanderson has written some stuff I’ve really enjoyed and you make these seem like a good series to jump back into his writing for.

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  3. I have only read Sanderson’s Skyward series so far, but I do enjoy his writing. I think I’d love to give this series a try! Great review! I’m so glad you enjoyed it 😀 Novellas can sometimes feel like random material so it’s good to hear that this one actually served a purpose haha

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