Hunters by Jon Ford

Medium: ebook

Overview (No Spoilers)

Hunters is an interesting take on what would happen if werewolves, vampires (Vampyrii), humans, and fae attempted to coexist politically, albeit tensely, after a violent war killed a significant portion of the world’s population. Despite relative peace having been achieved, key players of the various species are still actively scheming toward their own ends, risking all-out war. This dynamic creates both suspense and tension, especially as the motivations and conspirators are deliberately obfuscated by Ford until the opportune moment of reveal. 

Ford fits an ambitious quantity of perspectives into Hunters, which could make it difficult to get absorbed into the story as the reader encounters seven different POVs before experiencing a repeat. That said, once connections were revealed and the story progressed, my curiosity was piqued and it was hard to put down this book. 

Toward the end of this literary work, the overlapping mutual connections between the key characters, regardless of species, became expected and arguably too convenient. Despite this layer of predictability, I found that, rather than take away from the overall story, it worked to add depth and fill in the backstories. And although Hunters features numerous characters, Ford creates complex dimensionality for many of them, while still leaving enough mystery to keep the reader intrigued. 

Once the story begins to take shape, the reader can feel the tension build as Ford steers the narrative toward one key event. With a massive plot twist and major reveals in the final chapters of Hunters, peace hangs on by only the slimmest of margins. Can war somehow be avoided, especially with the mastermind and their motivations still waiting in the wings pulling strings?

Additional Insight (Spoilers Abound)

  • What mystery is Michael hiding? Was he bitten by Zarra (Alex) to save his life, making him a werewolf?
  • Will Gayle and Michael hook up? Everyone else has… Zarra and Alex; Zarra and Damien; Damien and Lyssa; Lyssa and Allyson… 
  • Who is the fae pulling the strings? Is it Knightley’s mother? What does this individual want with Kareena? 
  • Who is Kareena’s father? Is it Stormhall or Damien? What makes her so special to not be killed by the turning that she underwent? What is the extent of her new powers? Are there others like her?
  • What was Lyssa plotting? Did Stormhall know? Is Mercy really dead?
  • What is going on with the visas for the three Knightley sisters, Mercy, and Lyssa? Will they use them? What will they find?


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