Time’s Convert by Deborah Harkness 

Rate: 3.5/5

Medium: Audiobook

Overview (No Spoilers):

While looking up anticipated book releases of this current year, I  was surprised to see that Harkness has another book in the works for the All Souls Universe called, The Serpent’s Mirror. That’s said, I proceeded to go down a wormhole investigating this upcoming book and haven’t found anything concrete, but rumors dating back years. In the process I stumbled across another unexpected title, Time’s Convert, which is another book in this world that I’d somehow missed in 2019. Needless to say, I picked up the book in immediately, eager to dive back into a world I’d so thoroughly enjoyed the first time around. 

Time’s Convert takes place shortly after the events of The Book of Life, but focuses mainly on Phoebe and Marcus as she makes the transition to a vampire and Marcus explores the wounds of his past. In addition to these two lovers, the rest of the cast returns in various capacities, often with their own ongoing drama to distract them. Disappointingly the heat and romance is largely removed from this novel compared to the original trilogy. Matthew and Diana’s relationship is so wrapped up in their children that little time is left to remind us of their fiery love. There is romance for Phoebe and Marcus but due to the events that surround them, they spend most of this story separated. In addition to the returning cast, we are treated to a whole new group of historically familiar characters as Marcus’ past is revealed. We witness him interacting with Benjamin Franklin, Lafayette, and Thomas Paine, among many others, in addition to how the vampires worked and manipulated the American Revolution. 

Really much of Time’s Convert felt as though it was establishing building the foundation and filling out depth for this world in preparation for perhaps a new trilogy to spring upon, as we gained crucial insight as to how vampires are made and mates selected.  Specifically, we gain insight into Marcus’ backstory and how the American and French revolutions are tied into this world. While Marcus and Phoebe took center stage in this novel, the secondary story following Diana and Matthew’s children’s growth and development as Bright-Borns will likely be the driving force behind the next series as their unknown powers and tendencies will provide ample fodder for drama. 

Overall, Time’s Convert didn’t pack the same level of excitement or romance as the previous trilogy but it was a highly entertaining continuation of a world I was more than eager to dive back into.

Additional Insight (Spoilers Abound)

  • It felt like we were regressing with Diana as she again was struggling with the role of her powers in her life, especially now as a mother. 
  • I loved almost every scene with her children. Philip gaining his own familiar, a griffin no less, was a fun twist. Is it actually Apollo? How is the goddess going to come back into play in the future? 
  • It is so much fun to see Becca have Baldwin wrapped around her finger. How will her powers manifest? 
  • How will Phoebe and her family adjust to her becoming a vampire?
  • Phoebe’s sister is seriously the worst!

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