An Offer from a Gentleman by Julia Quinn

Rate: 5/5

Medium: Audiobook/ebook

Overview (No Spoilers):

An Offer from a Gentlemann might be my favorite Bridgerton book yet. While I typically listen to audiobooks, I was so enjoying this story that when I found myself in a position where I was not able to listen to the book, I immediately downloaded the ebook so I could volley between the two mediums depending on which was the most convenient. Needless to say,  I flew through this read, thoroughly entertained and audibly giggling during many various exchanges. 

More so than the first two Bridgerton books, this one definitely has fairytale vibes, as the Cinderella inspirations were quite liberal throughout. That said, this might be one of my favorite fairytale adaptions as Quinn crafts magical sequences and establishes instant chemistry that is palpable. 

An Offer from a Gentleman follows Benedict’s love story who up until this point has only had a passing presence in this series. The TV show has established more of a foundation for this second son, but he might easily be my favorite of the Bridgerton brothers after the book. Sophie is our strong, tragic love interest whose backstory would break any heart. As I’d previously indicated, her story mirrors that of Cinderella with truly awful stepsisters and an even more horrid stepmother. As the bastard daughter of an earl, Sophie is given lessons and an upbringing of the high society, but after the untimely death of the Earl, she is forced into the life of a servant where her stepmother and sisters are truly terrible to her. Through a series of unexpected kindnesses from the other staff, Sophie finds herself out for an evening that seems like a dream. Knowing she will never have another night like this, Sophie ends up meeting Benedict where there is an instant connection, but with the clock striking midnight she has to run away, leaving them both with memories that haunt them for years, until fate manages to crosses their paths yet again. 

As is quintessential Quinn, her characters are vibrant and the romance thick as the story progresses. The dialogue between characters is witty and fun as one can’t help but laugh along or feel the cutting slight of a coated insult. At this point, I find myself eagerly looking forward to the next Bridgerton book and what love story she will bring to life in the fourth novel. Overall, An Offer from a Gentleman is such a fun, heart warming love story filled with drama and plot twists that it will have you flying through this Cinderella story. 

Additional Insight (Spoilers Abound):

  • What happened to the staff who loved Sophie so much after she was banished from the house? What happened to Mrs. Gibbons?
  • Does Rosamund ever marry?
  • I was so happy Posy came to Sophie’s aid and that Mrs. Bridgerton took her in. Really we saw much of Violet’s backbone in An Offer from a Gentleman and the strength of her character. I love too that we get to read Posy’s happy ending in the epilogue. 
  • What was the story of Sophie’s mother and the earl?
  • Ugh. It hurt so much when Colin loudly said he would never marry Penelope. 
  • Araminta got off so easy despite how terrible she was.  
  • The stealing of the servants’ drama was highly entertaining. 

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