Seveneves by Neil Stephenson


Rate: 4.5/5

Medium: KindleBook

Overview (No Spoilers): In Seveneves, Neil Stephenson taps into the apocalyptic fear expressed in many, many Hollywood films. Stephenson weaves a tale of human ingenuity put to the ultimate test of self-preservation. The result is an unbearably, suspenseful, edge of your seat race against the odds and an ever ticking clock. Upon disaster striking mankind, the best and the worst of human personalities are exposed, often with unbelievable consequences. In lieu of potentially revealing spoilers, Seveneves’ brilliant imagery and gripping narration truly makes for a must read!

Concluding Thoughts (May Contain Spoilers): Born from the tragedy and devastation reaped on the human race by the Hard Rain, the reader is transported 5000 years in the future, a place which borders on dreamlike. This transition, however, seems abrupt and out of place, as though I had wandered into a completely new novel, containing new characters, technology, worlds, enemies, and terminology. In all honestly, a whole new novel should have been developed to fully capture the wonder and curiosities of this futuristic world. I still find myself confused as to the impact of the structures created Red at the end of the book. Also, how does the survival of the other factions of humans and the lingering potential of war resolve? I’m left with many, many questions. Overall, the futuristic world created by Stephenson, was wonderful, brilliant, magical, creative, and a work of art. I will eagerly be hoping/wishing/yearning/anticipating more from this fantastical world we were able to briefly glimpse.

Additional Comments or Questions (May Contain Spoilers):

  1. When someone as manipulative as Julia Bliss Flaherty finds her way to IZZY, how does the management let her lose on the young, feeble, lost minds of the Arklets?
  2. While the lack of gene pool was obviously limited with the human race dwindling to seven reproductive women representing all of mankind, would it have been ethical to limit or forbid the reproduction of Julia and Aïda? Both of the individuals committed terrible, selfish acts, which significantly risked the survival of the human species. Their descendants continue to wreck havoc on the surviving species.
  3. What happened in the early generations on the Cleft? How did they have the materials to erect a roof?
  4. How did the Digger’s survive? I want, no NEED more detail!
  5. How did the people in the submarine survive? Was there really an intensive initiative to build an equivalent to IZZY in the ocean to maintain the human species?
  6. How did the Pinger’s evolve to swim in the ocean?
  7. The Digger’s and the Pinger’s should have their own books dedicated to their survival!
  8. What happens once the races all know each other exist? Will there be all out war between the Red/Diggers and Blue/Pingers? Shouldn’t the Diggers align with Blue due to Rufus and Dinah’s relationship?

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