Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by J.K. Rowling


A note from Sarah: Well my friends. Another year has passed and my birthday has come again.  Usually I’m the most excited person about celebrating my birthday but this year will be a memorable one for all the wrong reasons.  First and foremost everyone is safe. Monday night lightning struck our hip roof barn causing it to catch on fire. The structure and everything inside was a total loss. It was one of the most horrifying things I’ve witnessed and we are all heartbroken at the loss of such an iconic structure, along with all the straw and equipment. The photo above was the taken hours before the fire as we were racing the storm front, finishing our last round baling straw before the rain. Thank you to all seven of the fire crews and 40+ fire fighters that came out quickly to help.

Rate: 3/5

Medium: Audiobook

Overview (No Spoilers): It had been so long since I’d revisited Harry Potter that I’d eventually grouped the entire series into one large delightful bowl of rainbows and sunshine. With my reread of the series I was looking forward to distinguishing the individual components with regard to ranking them. I was skeptical if I could really pick a favorite or if I would enjoy the journey too much to unbiasly give a ruling. Thank you Order of the Phoenix for making identifying my least favorite Harry Potter an easy choice. I’d forgotten how unbearably moody and angry Harry is in this book. His friends are saints for bearing walking on egg shells through out this entire book relatively silently. Alas, I know one of my fellow bloggers will rightfully point out that I’m being rather heartless toward the horrifying ordeal Harry had just went through at the end of the Goblet of Fire. True. I can’t disagree that the kid has been through a ton in the past four years, however I can still find his impulsive nature frustrating to say the least. That being said, I still loved the level of detail and world building that Rowling employs throughout it this literary realm. Even though I was not wild about Harry’s behavior, which directly leads to danger and heartbreak in the Order of the Phoenix, it doesn’t mean this novel is not a valuable addition to Harry’s journey. Overall, as Harry is growing older he experiences some painful growing pains that prove cringe worthy for the reader in the Order of the Phoenix.

Additional Insight (Spoilers Abound):

  • What sad memories did Dudley see when attacked by the dementors?
  • How did Snape and Dumbledore’s conversation go when the Headmaster found out that Snape has stopped lessons?
  • The putoutter made yet another appearance!
  • What happened to the Slytherin’s Captain Montague? Did he make a full recovery?
  • So much of this book was people doubting Harry. Why would the Ministry not give him the truth serum to find out if Voldermort was actually back? Or look at his memories in the Pensive?
  • Every Potter fan at this point is familiar with the adorable, gold loving Niffler from the Fantastic Beasts movie. I was excited to find one hiding among the pages of the Order of the Phoenix!
  • Delores Umbridge was just as horrid as I remember! What a terrible woman!



  1. I know the fire and resultant damage must have been frightening and upsetting but focus on the positives; no lives were lost.

    Hopefully, that’s the horrible bit of this year done and you can look forward to a more peaceful and fun year until your next birthday.

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  2. Oh my goodness, how horrifying! I’m so sorry you had to deal/are dealing with that, but glad that everyone is okay. And happy birthday amidst it all! Wish you a happy, healthy, and wonderful next year of life 🙂

    I have to say I thought that photo was a professional one you’d sourced from somewhere, what an incredible shot. You should submit it with the story of what happened and about the storm to one of the national outlets that does sort of citizen photo journalism…I follow the National Geographic Instagram account and they often post stories like this about current events with that kind of beautifully striking photo. Just an idea…when an image grabs people like that one does, they seem more likely to pay attention to the story behind it.

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    • Thank you for the kind words! We’ve been slowly making progress with the cleanup.

      And you’re too kind with the photo! I’ll have to look into one of the site you referenced. The photos we have from the fire and aftermath are even more insane.


  3. So sorry to hear about your barn.
    I recently completed rereading this as well. I listened to it on audio and was also pleased to find a niffler in it. I didn’t realize there was one in this book either. This is also my least fav in the series for the same reason. I couldn’t stand Harry in this though I understand that he’s been through a lot.
    I also wonder what bad memories Dudley had. The biggest plot hole for me was why couldn’t Sirus use polyjuice potion to take on the likeness of someone else so that he could venture outside once in a while without risking capture by the ministry.

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  4. Oh my word! I’m so sorry to hear about your barn fire. My parents lost their home of almost 30 years in the Tubbs Fire this past October, and I’m so sorry that you are experiencing something similar.
    This Harry Potter book is actually my favorite of the series! Harry’s attitude really drives me nuts in this one, but I understand where it’s coming from so don’t hold it against him too much. I think I enjoy this one because it has the best villain in it, and I love the scenes set in the ministry.

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    • Oh I can’t imagine the loss of a home! Especially one of 30 years. Please extend my thoughts on to your parents. How horrible.

      I’m glad this one is your favorite! ❤ Every books needs love!


  5. So glad you’re OK. I hope you have a mishap-free year!
    I think the last three HP novels [and I HAVE read them all, would you believe] are anything but rainbows and sunshine. I wonder that kids aren’t terrified out of their skins!

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  6. I’m not sure this is my least favorite HP book, but it’s close for sure. Like you, I get exhausted by Harry’s unending rage. After a while, you just want to smack him.

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  7. I have always wondered what made Dudely sad. I’d imagine he would have some memories of Harry “ruining” things for him, but who knows lol. The Harry Potter series is one of my favorites and like many shaped my childhood. I recently started listening to the audiobooks from book one. Of course, as a younger reader I disliked Dudely, but now I find myself more interested in his perspective of things.

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