Warbreaker by Brandon Sanderson

Rate: 5/5

Medium: Audiobook

Overview (No Spoilers):

I’m still on a major Sanderson kick at this point and after Warbreaker, I do not foresee my fascination waning in the near future. Having completed and thoroughly fan-girled over the The Stormlight Archive, I quickly moved on to his Mistborn Trilogy in an attempt to identify the Easter Eggs that Sanderson sprinkles throughout his literature, ultimately connecting his worlds. One of my fellow bloggers thankfully pointed out that three intriguing characters in The Stormlight Archive who actually originated in Warbreaker.  As the characters in question are set up in this most recent series to play larger roles I knew reading up on their backstory would likely prove worthwhile and bring clarity to their involvement in Oathbringer. Very quickly upon starting this novel I became enamored of this unique literary world in which ‘magic’ is measured in breaths that makes or breaks the resident ‘Gods’, as well as establishing social status among the Hallandrens.  Interestingly, I enjoyed how the veil of secrecy surrounding these ‘Gods’ was lifted in by inch throughout this book as we learned intimately about them, even being fortunate enough to be gifted a POV from one of them, Lightsong.  Initially, with only being viewed through the perspective of the Idrians, the Hallandrens are a people of frivolity, who worshiping a blasphemous religion. However, as the story develops, we find out, along with Siri, that the world is not as clear cut as initially portrayed, forcing our young Queen to reassess the beliefs she’s always clung to. Unfortunately for Vivenna, it proves much more difficult for her to adapt her rigid ways.  While Warbreaker was written as a standalone novel, there has been rumors of a second book in this specific literary world in the works. As excited as I am for Stormlight Archive #4, I would eagerly scoop up another book continuing in this enthralling realm.  Overall, Warbreaker was a delightful adventure in which the backstories of several key characters from The Stormlight Archive are flushed out, however this novel serves as more than just a subplot prequel as it contains its own unique identity.

Additional Insight (Spoilers Abound):

  • Is this concept of ‘breaths’ the same as what Kaladin does in The Stormlight Archive?
  • Poor Lightsong! Was he reborn from his heroic act rescuing the God King? I loved his unique personality, specifically his interaction with his head Priest, although I cried when we found out it was his brother and learned about how Lightsong became a God.
  • How much ‘breath’ did the God King expel to save Suri? How will their relationship change now that he can talk? Will they be able to have a child together?
  • Was Nalthis Hoid? His story telling style was very similar. If so how did he travel through worlds and who is he?
  • So let me get this connection between Warbreaker and Stormlight Archive straight. Azure is Vivenna, and Zahel is Vasher. How did they and Hoid travel to this new world? How did the sword get into the new world? Why is Vivenna hunting the sword? Why are Vivenna and Vasher seperated? Why is Vasher where he is now as a wapriest? What other knowledge does Vasher have if he created Nightblood?
  • Honestly, I could hardly stand Vivenna. She was whiny and close minded throughout most of this book. Perhaps she hasn’t changed that much in The Stormlight Archive because I wasn’t that much of a fan of Azure.  I did enjoy how her and Suri’s hair would change colors with their moods!
  • Suri was such a breath of fresh air! I loved her character and what a gem her father missed out on by not embracing her wild nature. He even sent her off to what would appear to be her death. So heartless. What would he think of her now? How is he handling Vivenna’s absence and disappearance, especially with war adverted.



  1. I have yet to read Sanderson, but a lot of his books are on my to-read list! This sounds really well done, but it sounds like reading his books in publication order makes the most sense so you can catch those Easter eggs. Great review!

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  2. I havent read anything by Sanderson yet, but he has been recommended to me so many times. With this review I think it is time to actually sit down and read Mistborn – I enjoyed your review and it is a clever way to set up a spoilerfree overview!

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    • Thanks! I was the exact same way. I was delaying reading him even though his books had been given so many recommendations. I’m going to make the wild guess and say you won’t be disappointed picking up any of his works!


  3. I find people often overlook Warbreaker when talking about Sanderson’s cannon since it’s up against the heavyweights of Stormlight and Mistborn. I’m so happy you enjoyed it so much! I definitely want to reread it after finishing Oathbreaker.

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  4. Warbreaker was my first Sanderson novel, and then I moved on to Way of Kings. Now I’m completely hooked on all things Cosmere. Sanderson has talked a little bit about how the breath in Warbreaker is similar to the utilization of stormlight. These magic systems, as well as allomancy in Mistborn are all variations on the theme of investiture. Though they’re all similar ways to interact with the cognitive/spirit realms they are all somewhat unique. So interesting! Can’t wait to read the sequel that he promised someday! xD

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    • How interesting Warbreaker was your introduction to Sanderson! I’ll have to look up the conversation you’re referencing from Sanderson regarding Stormlight. I’m so interested in how the various magic systems in his literary realms are related. And yes! Fingers crossed for a sequel!

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