The Bone Clocks: A Novel by David Mitchel


Rate: 4/5

Medium: KindleBook

Overview (No Spoilers): The Bone Clocks can be accurately described as a puzzle in which the reader struggles chapter, after chapter to piece together a glimpse of the bigger scope/world that the characters find themselves apart of. The plot is truly only revealed in the final chapters of the book, which yield a magical and otherworldly battle for good and evil. Prior to the pieces falling together the Bone Clocks was a bit of a struggle to truly get hooked in the story due to the narrative of each chapter changing both time periods and individuals who appear totally isolated from the previous character until the end of their chapter. However, once the puzzle pieces fall into place, David Mitchel, has truly created a unique work of art, in which the stories weave together to produce a spellbinding adventure. I was hesitant to give the Bone Clocks a rating of 4 because I was frustrated and lacked the insight to see where the story was headed, however once this magical world was fully revealed I thoroughly enjoyed the read.


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