City of Dark Magic by Magnus Flyte



Rate: 4/5

Medium: Kindle Book

Overview (No Spoilers): Delightful! City of Dark Magic is an incredibly fast read in which graduate student, Sarah Weston receives the offer of a lifetime to spend the summer in Prague working to setup a Beethoven exhibit at a new museum. She quickly finds out that there is more than meets the eye in Prague, as soon she becomes immersed in mystery, murder, and magic. Interestingly, our clever, independent main character has quite the sexual appetite, which I debated throughout the book if it distracted from the story or if I was just being a prude. While I don’t think the sexual antics were necessary for the story, however they added an element of amusement because the conclusion was almost always embarrassment or disaster. The characters, from precious, blind Pols to vulgar, mysterious Nico were engaging and detailed. Overall, an enjoyable read, which merges Prague, history, alchemy, and magic in a whimsical mystery.

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