City of Lost Dreams by Magnus Flyte




Rate: 3.5/5


Medium: KindleBook


Overview (No Spoilers): With the City of Lost Dreams picking up roughly a year after City of Dark Magic left off, Sarah finds herself back in Prague and mainly Vienna desperately searching for a remedy for poor Pols as her sickness takes a turn for the worse. With many of the main characters returning, City of Lost Dreams is an enjoyable return to magic, history, and suspense. As more of Nico’s mystery is revealed we eagerly piece together his history, as well as the emergence of an additional immortal individual, who begins to toy with Nico. Sarah’s love/sex life is as tumultuous as ever with her relationship with Max being put on hold. I maintain my assessment from City of Dark Magic that the over-the-top sexual antics continued in this series, e.g., getting drugged by a 16th century powder that causes her to orgasm over and over again in public, are distracting and probably not necessary, however the acts keep almost an amusing tone throughout, with the aftermath being often immediate danger or humor. Overall, a remarkably fast page turner that explores the history, mystery, and magic surrounding Venice, as Nico, Sarah, and Max race to save Pol’s life.

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