The Selection by Kiera Cass



Rate: 4/5



Medium: KindleBook



Overview (No Spoilers): Approximately a year ago, I had reluctantly added The Selection to my reading list, however when the book became available at the local library I bulked at opening this delightful novel. As my reading list has recently dwindled to alarming lows, The Selection made a reappearance on my list and turned out to be a thoroughly amusing read. Following the trend I apparently am unable to escape, this novel is again a young adult set in a dystopian world where a young prince has coming of age and must select a wife. However, as dictated by custom, in his kingdom he must select his wife from a cohort of young women individually selected from the 35 different provinces, which results in rather comical interactions mirroring those observed in the infamous TV show, The Bachelor. Speaking of which, we can only assume the aforementioned show must be one of Cass’ favorites. The population in this dystopian world is broken into 8 very rigid, unique castes ranging from royalty to the homeless, with transition between castes nigh impossible.  The story specifically follows America Painter, who could care less about winning the Prince’s affection, but instead pining over her own mending, broken heart and the boy she left back in her hometown. America’s witty banter with the other Selection girls and the Prince had me visibly smirking, resulting in one of my coworkers making the comment, “Sarah you look so happy right now!” while I was reading one such interaction. Yes, occasionally I’ll read at work if I can’t stop thinking about a book (ssshhhh!). Overall, despite some completely predictable teenage love triangle drama, I absolutely loved this book. America’s independent, feisty, honest, strong female character was a breath of fresh air. I’m looking forward to the future movie that is currently being rumored.

Additional Insight and Comments (Potential Spoilers):

  1. Are the men in this culture stuck in the caste they are born in or are they able to move in special situations?
  2. If America were to marry in another caste it would she no longer be able to sing or perform as she has trained her whole life? It seems like this would be a colossal waste of time and efficiency in this rigid, post United States world.
  3. What are the Northern Rebels looking for when they randomly raid the palace?
  4. Well my prediction is that the final three will come down to Marlee, Celeste, and America. What other evil, selfish acts will Celeste unfortunate scheme on the rest of the ladies?
  5. Aspen. Ugh. Where to start? I can hardly handle his character. Not because I’m smitten with Prince Maxon, but his demeanor toward America in the Palace. He supposedly loves her, however he is willing to put her life in danger by sneaking into her room at night? And the girl he was holding at the send off just happened to fall in his arms? I predict that the rosy colored glasses will be removed (hopefully) in the following book. How will Prince Maxon respond when it is revealed America and Aspen kissed?


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