Frozen Tides by Morgan Rhodes



Rate: 3.5/5


Medium: Book


Overview (No Spoilers):

A few years ago one of my best friends introduced me to the young adult series, Falling Kingdoms. Upon hearing her description of the series as a teen Game of Thrones I quickly picked up the first book and was beyond delighted despite the high expectations. Rhodes created a detailed, enchanted world full of diverse countries, all containing their own cultures and traditions. Her characters contained a depth and development not often achieved in a young adult series.  Frozen Tides is the fourth book in the series and in my excitement I read the entire book in one sitting, which was the first time in years I’d managed that feat. Much to my disappointment this was the first book in the series that did not live up to my lofty expectations. As with most series, one or two of the middle novels act almost as placeholders while the characters move like pawns across the playing board, gearing up for the large finale, which can be rather a let down for the eager reader. Along with physical travel, much of the book was spent with the characters being lost in self-contemplation, with respect to who they actually love instead of lusting over, dealing with heartbreak in a most destructive manner, or the age old debate of enemy or ally.   With that being said, Frozen Tides left off at with several, most intriguing cliffhangers and I’m already looking forward to the fifth novel in the Falling Kingdoms series. Seriously! They’re easy, quick reads. What are you waiting for?

 Additional Insight and Comments (Potential Spoilers):

  1. I’m so over the Cleo/Magnus drama. He should never, ever, ever trust her! How can they have ‘fallen in love’ when after everything, she hid finding the Earth element from him?
  2. What happened to the Fire God after Lucia had her run in with him? And what will she find in the Sanctuary?
  3. When will Lucia grow up and get over her heartbreak and realize that Alexius truly loved her?
  4. What will this pregnancy mean for Lucia?
  5. The emergence of Theon’s twin, who is bent on revenge, will complicate the newfound happiness realized by Magnus and Cleo. His character will add an interesting dynamic in the following novel.


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