The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey



Rate: 3/5



Medium: AudioBook



Overview (No Spoilers):

Happy 50th Blog Post! I can’t believe I’ve read over 50 (a few of the books I chose not to post about, e.g., Chelsea Handler’s My Horizontal Life, Phillip K. Dick’s Minority Report) in approximately 6 months. I’m lucky I have such a patient husband that supports my obsession. Let’s see how many books I can amass for 2016!

On every book list I’ve seen so far denoting the novels set to make their big screen debuts in 2016 have been the most eagerly anticipated The 5th Wave. After further recommendations by my husbands college buddies (all ardent readers), Yancey’s dystopian novel was quickly added to my list. For my husband’s annual work party and corresponding White Elephant gift I purchased an Oddsides Brewery Party pack and The 5th Wave. Unfortunately, upon the book not receiving with the expected excitement so I stole it back during my turn (perhaps a party foul?) and started reading on our home from the party.

After reading so many dystopian novels consecutively I’m unsure if my reaction to The 5th Wave was a result of boredom to the genre of book I’ve far worn out or a direct result of the novel’s material. I found The 5th Wave to be oh so very boring through the first half of the book, with the second half of the book rushing to make up for the excess of groundwork laid out by the previous half. I can appreciate the appeal to make this book into a movie with the concept and action scenes being primed for the big screen. See trailer here. And, despite my frustrations with the development of the plot, the second half of the book/ending leaves me looking forward, not only to the movie, but the sequel as well.

Additional Insight and Comments (Potential Spoilers):

  1. Does this book remind anyone else of Stephanie Meyer’s The Host?
  2. Will Evan survive the massive explosion he set off at Camp Haven?
  3. How many other of Others share Evan’s opinions regarding Humans?
  4. If Evan survives will the other Humans accept him as Cassie did or will they view him as a spy?
  5. Can Commander Vosch’s casting in the movie be any more perfect with Liam Schreiber portraying the leader of the Others?
  6. How will Zombie/Ben convince/find other humans to join them in the battle for humanity?
  7. What is the story with Ringer? Yancey successfully sets up her mysterious background and attitude? When will she start to open up?



    • Oh I’m glad you see the resemblance too! At certain points when reading The 5th Wave I would get feelings of deja vu. It took me most of the book to figure out what it was reminding me of!


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