Stardust by Neil Gaiman


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Rate: 3.5/5


Medium: KindleBook

Overview (No Spoilers):

When my book club decided to read Stardust, I was delighted, not only due to the fact that Neil Gaiman was the author but moreover, having loving the movie version. A trip to New Orleans for work, as well as a delayed flight, offered a great opportunity for me to dive into Stardust, which turned out to be very short read.   The story begins innocently enough in a world on the cusp of the industrial revolution, however the story focuses on a rural old-fashioned town, which plays host every nine years to a traveling market containing magical elements that defy the imagination. The town seems to be on the border between worlds, realms, etc., with the literal border being a solid wall in which the town folk guard day and night. The plot surrounds Dustan Thorn’s son, Tristran who adventures past the wall into the magical world in a quest to find and retrieve a fallen star for his true love, Victoria. During his journey he finds out rather quickly that his journey is going to be more demanding, dangerous, and challenging that he had initially bargained for. Through these trials, Tristran matures out of adolescence and into the man he was destined to become. Overall, I very much enjoyed reading this quick novel and yet again Gaiman has proven his talent at creating intricate, beautiful worlds.


  1. I read this one because I liked the movie too and I remember being disappointed by the book ending because I was expecting–well, let’s get real, a Hollywood ending. The book has some major differences but overall it’s pretty similar. Some of the worldbuilding in the book is really cool. The details about the market, which isn’t really in the movie, were fun to read about.

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    • The market place was one of my favorite descriptions! It really got your curiosity going regarding what treasures you might find there. Honestly, it has been forever since I’ve seen the movie but I remember really enjoying it!

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