11/22/63 by Stephen King


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Rate: 4.5/5

Medium: AudioBook


Overview (No Spoilers):

Having first read 11/22/63 years ago shortly after its release, due to a coworker’s (shout out to Suzanne!) rave reviews, I realized I had to pick up the book again as a result of the new TV series being created by hulu. The first time I read 11/22/63 I had absolutely loved it, therefore the second time around my challenge was to convince my ever-skeptical husband this book was going to be for him! With surprisingly little effort I soon had Luke hooked and we both flew through the novel, despite Luke referring to it the “Never-ending Book.” Which, to be fair 11/22/63 is incredibly long, however the storyline is rarely dull and for the most part keeps you guessing until the very end. Overall, I would have given 11/22/63 five stars if not for the ending, which I will leave you to make your own conclusions about, but was a bit underwhelming. Regardless of your feelings concerning the conclusion of Jake’s adventure, you’ll discover underneath the time travel, historical, and science fiction layers there lies a basic love story at the heart of this fascinating tale. Luke and I will be starting the TV show this weekend. Are any of you as curious as I am to see how James Franco portrays Jake Epping?

Additional Insight (May contain spoilers):

  1. Where and what time frame does the yellow card men come from? Why can they not physically stop Jake? I have so many questions about them!
  2. When Luke got to the point of Jake failing at saving Tugga Dunning the first time around he called me with an exasperated feeling of, ‘Wait we have to go through ALL that description and interactions again!’  I feel like that undercurrent runs through the whole book though.  If Jake messes up saving Kennedy will he have to go through everything again!
  3. What happens if Jake had gone to Paris, Europe, etc? I wanted him to travel more!
  4. I loved Jody! It sounds like the perfect, lovely 50’s town!
  5. I wonder if the harmonies have bigger meanings that I’m not putting the effort into deciphering, e.g., the jump road girls, the specific swing dancing song, etc.
  6. What would have happened if Jake had brought Sadie through the rabbit hole? How could he have explained the lack of birth certificate, SSN, drivers license, or college degree? Also of concern would be the evidence and subsequent explanation for the old surgeries on her face.



  1. This is one of my favourite works from King. Personally, I was fine with the ending. The TV show was OK but did make some changes I didn’t agree with: it completely changed the function of the Yellow Card Man, and while I understand the rationale of giving Jake a companion so he won’t just be talking to himself all the time, Bill was an otherwise pointless character, a fact embodied by how he was eventually written out.

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