Frozen in Time by Mitchell Zuckoff

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Rate: 3/5

Medium: AudioBook

Overview (No Spoilers): A few years ago, when my husband (then boyfriend) started commuting an hour to work each way his mother gave him an audiobook called Frozen in Time about WWII soldiers being stranded on the glaciers of Greenland when their planes  had crashed. Luke has a special interest in WWII, specifically plane crashes and survival due to his Grandpa’s plane crashing in Germany during the war and his subsequent imprisonment in a POW camp. Luke thoroughly enjoyed the narrative, and encouraged me to give the book a listen. However, being completely overwhelmed with graduate school at that point, my recreational reading had fallen to naught. Fast forward to present day, I was pleased to have stumbled across Frozen in Time again, and imagine my surprise when I realized it would be my second book by Mitchell Zuckoff, with the first being, Lost in Shangri-La. The story of survival, endured by the men crashed on the glacier was truly astounding, especially regarding the horrors and deprivations encountered. I found myself constantly comparing their crash in the cold compared with the survival stories of those in the steamy jungle, which contained similar themes despite the vastly contrasting environments. Personally, I cannot decide which environment I would prefer to be stranded due to my equal distain for the cold weather and bugs. As with his previous book, Zuckoff has a narrative of his adventures to the locations in the present day, mixed with the stories of the past, as told through journals or letters. Overall, Frozen in Time is a engaging read in which the readers are transported to an unforgiving icy glacier that contains hidden dangers with every step. I couldn’t help but be reminded of The Martian in both of the Zuckoff stories, as inordinate amounts of time and money are spent to save men and women in two extreme environments on Earth, which are as inhospitable as Mars.


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