The Infinite Sea by Rick Yancey


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Rate: 3/5


Medium: KindleBook

Overview (No Spoilers): After finishing The Infinite Sea, I really have very little enthusiasm left for the 5th Wave series. Once I’d turned the last page of the second book in the trilogy I had to go back and reread my review I’d written for The 5th Wave, and much to my relief I hadn’t been even remotely excited after the previous book. I had retained high hopes for the upcoming movie, alas, if Rotten Tomatoes can be trusted, the movie turned out to be quite a dud. The Infinite Sea was truly a bore with only Ringer’s character making strides in a significant way, regardless that most of the strides were against her will. Her attitude, specifically, blind and unwavering sacrifice and loyalty for Teacup were beyond aggravating. As often happens with young adult novels, I become overly frustrated when characters will adhere fastened blinders during critical events and chose an individual over the betterment of the group. I can admit that I’m probably being hypocritical. I was annoyed with Darrow rescuing Victra in Morning Star but didn’t hold it against him. However, I will probably hold Day protecting his brother against Champion, which is probably part of my angst regarding this topic since that’s the book I’m currently reading. The aforementioned encounter occurs in most series, with stereotypically successful outcomes, often against innumerable odds. Switching /gears from Ringer and Teacup, the rest of the crew, Dumbo, Zombie, Cassie, Poundcake, and Sammy managed to  bicker through the most of the book. Overall, it was ok. Just ok. I’ll read the last book due to the ending of Infinite Sea making up for the remainder of the place-holding pages, and managing to revive my curiosity.

Additional Insight (May Contain Spoilers):

  1. Much love to Poundcake. For a character that really did not incite much love or interest in the first book and most of the second, his final scenes and back-story were truly heartbreaking and caused me to cry a lot. ❤
  2. I swear Evan is the cat with nine lives! He managed to survive again! Can he restart the little robots in his body or will he just be ‘Human’ the rest of his life?
  3. After much pain and suffering Ringer is now an ‘alien.’ Ok not a real alien but if we can believe Vosch, she is now equivalent to what Even and Grace were. When Razor betrayed her it was absolutely heartbreaking but when he killed Teacup he gave Ringer her freedom in the most painful way.
  4. How will Ringer find the group if they make it to Grace’s cabin?
  5. How will the group even make it with Ben and Evan who are (as we were reminded throughout the book) mere days away from dying from their wounds?
  6. Sammy’s character is beyond aggravating as well. You think he would be relieved to see Cassie and not being terrible to her instead.



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