Champion by Marie Lu


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Rate: 3.5/5


Medium: AudioBook


Overview (May Contain Spoilers):

Finally the third book in The Legend Trilogy! I had read the first two, Legend and Prodigy back in early January and had been waiting patiently on my library’s wait list for the last installment in the series. However, right off the bat, Champion picked up the unbelievably annoying teenage romance/jealousy mantra that has been a theme throughout the series. Moreover, Day’s rage and refusal to even listen to the Republic concerning his brother holding the cure became old, and fast. Let’s not forget that his brother didn’t have the full key due to the virus mutating, but who out of all the people in the world might have that the answer? JUNE (I know, let’s all perform a simultaneous eye roll). Honestly, the only saving grace of this book is the ending. After a miracle surgery Day is saved, however he loses his memories, especially those of June. Flash-forward a decade and everything has turned out essentially perfect for the main characters, other than Day and June due to his missing memories. However, upon a chance encounter he remembers her, resulting in a lot of tears from the reader. Yes, me! I was listening to the ending while preparing dinner and sobbing the whole time.  Thankfully Luke wasn’t home or I didn’t have any neighbors drop by. I’m sure it was quite the scene. Overall, this might be the first time ever I will encourage you to not waste your time with a series. While all three books are an incredibly quick read, there are so many other dystopian series out there that have more to offer.


  1. I agree with how it started off and the plot points. This was the weakest in the series for me but I know a lot of people who loved this entirely so it’s good to know someone else shares my thoughts and I’m not crazy.

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